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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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Corrected entry: Once the characters have all arrived at the cabin in the woods, there is a scene during a game of "Truth or Dare" where they all enter the basement. During that scene, Jesse Williams' character "Holden" magically acquires glasses that he was not wearing at any point prior. From that point on, throughout the remainder of the movie, his glasses disappear and re-appear multiple times. Most notably, in the scene where three of them attempt to flee through the stone tunnel in the RV.


Correction: Just because someone wears glasses that doesn't mean that they need to wear them all the time. He may only need them for reading, and he has plenty of opportunities throughout the film to take them off and put them on.


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Continuity mistake: Before Dana and Marty enter the control room and release all the monsters into the control centre, there is a thermos flask and a torch sitting next to each other on the control room's desk. But once they enter the control room, the position of the thermos flask and torch have changed without anyone touching them.


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Marty: Ok, I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand. Do NOT read the Latin!

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Trivia: Actual "Cannabis Experts" were brought in to consult with actor Fran Kranz, so he could properly portray a convincing stoner in the film.

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Question: Who overrode the tunnel's explosion? Was it Marty since he had access to the system from the maintenance hatch?

Answer: It's stated that the tunnel should have blown hours ago, so the initial failure is most likely human error, that the order to blow the tunnel simply didn't get through to the demolition team on schedule. The subsequent problem blowing it up is referred to as being related to "a glitch up top", later stated as a "power re-route upstairs". While not stated outright, the only plausible explanation is that this was, as you rightly stated, due to Marty messing around with the equipment that he found in the hatch.

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