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Continuity mistake: After signing the non-disclosure agreement, Caleb drops the pen on the right of the pad on the desk. In the next shot the pen is almost in the center of the pad. (00:10:10)


Continuity mistake: The last power outage resulted in all the facility's doors being locked open. But in the final scene, Caleb gets locked inside.

Caleb: Oh, man. She's fascinating. When you talk to her, you're just... through the looking glass.
Nathan: Through the looking glass? Wow. You're good with words, Caleb. You're quotable.
Caleb: Actually that's someone else's quote.

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Trivia: Adjusted for inflation, Ex Machina is the lowest-budgeted winner of the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in history. In 2019, its budget comes to around $16 million, with the closest equivalent being the $41 million of Cocoon (1985).

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Question: SPOILER If, by the end of the movie, the facility was reprogrammed to have all doors unlocked on a power failure - and there was a sudden power failure when Domhnall inserted the card into the computer terminal... Why did he remain locked within? Shouldn't he be set free by the programming change he freed Ava with?


Chosen answer: He inserted his own card in Nathans computer. Also, there was no mention of a power failure, only a red glow. This would be a different event than he's programmed the system for.

Answer: The "Red glow" was the emergency lights that had come on every other time the power went out. And the final power outage was orchestrated by previous arrangement by the robot and Caleb.

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