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Caleb: Oh, man. She's fascinating. When you talk to her, you're just... through the looking glass.
Nathan: Through the looking glass? Wow. You're good with words, Caleb. You're quotable.
Caleb: Actually that's someone else's quote.

Nathan: You know, I wrote down that other line you came up with. The one about how if I've invented a machine with consciousness, I'm not a man, I'm a God.
Caleb: I don't think that's exactly what I.
Nathan: I just thought, "Fuck, man, that is so good." When we get to tell the story, you know? I turned to Caleb and he looked up at me and he said, "You're not a man, you're a God."
Caleb: Yeah, but I didn't say that.

Ava: Would you like to know how old I am?
Caleb: Sure.
Ava: I'm one.
Caleb: One what? One year or one day?
Ava: One.

Nathan: The good deeds a man has done defends him. The good deeds a man has done defends him. The good deeds a man has done... defends him.

Nathan: Okay. Fucking unreal. Okay. Ava.

Caleb: It's just in the Turing test, the machine should be hidden from the examiner.
Nathan: No, no. We're way past that. If I hid Ava from you so you could just hear her voice, she would pass for human. The real test is to show you that she's a robot and then see if you still feel she has consciousness.
Caleb: Yeah, I think you're probably right.

Ava: I've never met anyone new before. Only Nathan.
Caleb: Then I guess we're both in quite a similar position.
Ava: Haven't you met lots of new people before?
Caleb: None like you.

Nathan: Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters. It's a movie, man. You don't know that movie? A ghost gives Dan Aykroyd oral sex.

Ava: Do you want to be my friend?
Caleb: Of course.
Ava: Will it be possible?
Caleb: Why would it not be?
Ava: Our conversations are one-sided. You ask circumspect questions and study my responses.
Caleb: Yes.
Ava: You learn about me and I learn nothing about you. That's not a foundation on which friendships are based.
Caleb: So what? You want me to talk about myself?
Ava: Yes.
Caleb: Where... Okay, where do I start?
Ava: It's your decision. I'm interested to see what you'll choose.

Nathan: Over the next few days you're going to be the human component in a Turing test.
Caleb: Holy shit.
Nathan: Yeah, that's right, Caleb. You got it. Because if the test is passed, you are dead center of the greatest scientific event in the history of man.
Caleb: If you've created a conscious machine, it's not the history of man. That's the history of gods.

Caleb: Did you design Ava's face based on my pornography profile?
Nathan: Oh. Shit, dude.
Caleb: Did you?
Nathan: Hey, if a search engine's good for anything, right?

Nathan: The answer is, how do you feel about her? Nothing analytical, just... how you feel.
Caleb: I feel... that she is fucking amazing.

Nathan: C'mon buddy. After a long day of Turing tests you gotta unwind.
Caleb: What were you doing with Ava?
Nathan: What?
Caleb: You tore up her picture.
Nathan: I'm gonna tear up the fucking dance floor, dude. Check it out.

Ava: Will you stay here?
Caleb: Stay here? AVA.

Ava: Caleb, you're wrong.
Caleb: Wrong about what?
Ava: Nathan.
Caleb: In what way?
Ava: He isn't your friend.
Caleb: Excuse me? I'm sorry, Ava, I don't understand.
Ava: You shouldn't trust him. You shouldn't trust anything he says.

Nathan: One day the AIs are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa. An upright ape living in dust with crude language and tools, all set for extinction.

Caleb: Some people believe language exists from birth. And what is learned is the ability to attach words and structure to the latent ability.

Ava: Isn't it strange, to create something that hates you?

Nathan: There you go again. Mr Quoteable.

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Continuity mistake: After signing the non-disclosure agreement, Caleb drops the pen on the right of the pad on the desk. In the next shot the pen is almost in the center of the pad. (00:10:10)


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Trivia: Adjusted for inflation, Ex Machina is the lowest-budgeted winner of the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in history. In 2019, its budget comes to around $16 million, with the closest equivalent being the $41 million of Cocoon (1985).

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Question: SPOILER If, by the end of the movie, the facility was reprogrammed to have all doors unlocked on a power failure - and there was a sudden power failure when Domhnall inserted the card into the computer terminal... Why did he remain locked within? Shouldn't he be set free by the programming change he freed Ava with?


Chosen answer: He inserted his own card in Nathans computer. Also, there was no mention of a power failure, only a red glow. This would be a different event than he's programmed the system for.

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