Act of Valor
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Senior Chief Otto: That last night at home, you think about how you could have been a better dad, a better husband, that bedtime story you should have read, or that anniversary you forgot. You don't expect your family to understand what you're doing. You just hope they understand you're doing it for them, and when you get home you hope you can pick-up right where you left off.

Walter Ross: In most cases, officers get tactical partners. Langley sets me up with some sort of scrabble hustler.
Lisa Morales: Scrabble Yoda, OK? Get it right.

Senior Chief Otto: I'm Otto.
Christo: Otto.
Senior Chief Otto: Yes. And you are?
Christo: Nice to meet you... Christo.
Senior Chief Otto: "Crisco"?

Christo: You know, from time to time, I get to see my old friends from my old life. And it's always, always disappointing. Some become assholes, others boring, and I can't believe I tried to get them in bed all those years ago.

Chief Dave: Senior Chief. I couldn't really tell you much about him, other than I'd rather take a knife into a gunfight than have to be interrogated by him.

Continuity mistake: When Mikey wakes up from being shot, Sunny has on a pair of green/black Mechanix gloves.When they get in the SWCC boats, and is talking to Rosland Sanchez, his gloves are black/white Mechanix gloves.


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