Act of Valor

Act of Valor (2012)

7 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When Mikey wakes up from being shot, Sunny has on a pair of green/black Mechanix gloves.When they get in the SWCC boats, and is talking to Rosland Sanchez, his gloves are black/white Mechanix gloves.


Continuity mistake: When the Seals emerge from the water in the first action scene,Chief's m-4 scope is round. When he emerges from the water to go on land, his scope is square.


Factual error: In the movie the graphics shown include geographical positions, with the latitude and longitude. Every one is wrong except the one in Somalia.

Buck Zephyr

Continuity mistake: There are bullet holes in the green dodge tailgate prior to being engaged. Later the tailgate has no damage and is then shot up with holes.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of scene 20, when the soldiers are tucked down in the two dump trucks, two soldiers are shown lying in the bed of the truck with a very low rear gate on the truck (you can see the ground behind them, just above their heads). A little bit further in the same scene, it is apparent that both dump trucks have taller rear gates that are equal to the sides of the truck bed.


Factual error: The school bombing in the beginning of the movie takes place in a local public school (public schools in the Philippines are designed with a yellow roof with green letterings written with the locality's name). Expats ARE NOT allowed to enroll their children in Philippine public schools for the obvious security implications.

Continuity mistake: When the SEALs raid Christo's cruise ship (about 1 hour into the movie), they kill one of his body guards and also put a big bullet hole with blood splatter in one of the windows. When Senior walks in to interrogate Christo, all the windows are perfect and undamaged.