Arthur Christmas

Character mistake: When they deliver Xmas presents to Denmark it's already too late - Denmark has the presents on the 24th, early in the evening.

Other mistake: Grand-Santa has made 70 missions, and Santa (Malcolm) has just completed his 70th mission, totaling 140 years. Yet Grand-Santa is only 136 years old.

Liang Jun Tseng

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Suggested correction: Grandsanta's portrait is shown in the halls of the North Pole with the dates 1902-1941 (with Malcom having done 71 missions from 1941). Therefore he did 39 missions. That makes for a total of 109 years, meaning he was 27 when he took over from his own father.

Then it's a double mistake because Grand-Santa himself specifically said "I did my 70 missions..."


He's senile though. He could just be exaggerating while forgetting it's literally written on the wall.

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Steve: Okay, lets show them people, 'Operation Santa Claus is coming to town!'.

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