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Corrected entry: When Will runs from the Timekeeper's death to his car, he has about 30 seconds on his clock. The car is 300-400 metres away, perhaps further. To make it in time, Will would have to run faster than today's sprinting world record pace, but he is only seen running at a normal speed. As a side note, Sylvia is running behind him in high heels, almost as fast, and her time runs down to a couple of seconds. Odd that she never thought to remove those shoes so she can run faster, given her life is at stake. (01:35:50)


Correction: The Timekeeper specifically comments on this, surprised at how fast Will can run, during the conversation. We don't know how long the world has been like this. Could have been ten years, could have been a hundred years. With Time as their Life, it's quite possible that people in this world are naturally faster than people in ours, because if they were slow, they'd die. The fact that Silvia didn't remove her shoes is simple: People don't think straight in extreme situations like that. In reality, both of them would have probably died.


Corrected entry: When the car runs over the stingers the car goes out of control and goes over a cliff. But stingers are made to bring a car to a controlled stop. Not make it go out of control.


Correction: Not every car (or driver) will react the same way in a situation. Popped tires do not necessarily cause 'a controlled stop' - especially if the driver panics. Will may have reacted by pressing the gas rather than the brake, after the stingers popped the tires. This acceleration, combined with the flat tires, would certainly have caused instability in the car, and could well have sent him out of control. Since the car seems to accelerate over the 'cliff' (actually the edge of the L.A. River aqueduct), it seems likely this is what happened.


Corrected entry: When Will and Sylvia are running to get to the Timekeeper's car in one of the last scenes, while Sylvia is running she has on flat shoes, but when Will is running back to her and they meet she has on heels again.


Correction: After reviewing this scene carefully, it can be seen that in every shot showing her shoes, she is actually running in the heels.


Corrected entry: When Will and Sylvia steal the ear rings and hours off the blonde lady, the camera pans out and Sylvia is missing. (01:07:15)

Correction: Sylvia is not missing, she and Will got in the car. The man you see with the woman from the car is actually the driver.

Corrected entry: In many parts of this film, we get to read many clocks. Some of them display a non-sense months number.For example, in the scene that Will and Sylvia dip into the sea, we get to see the clock stating "1040-51-6-05-55-21. If we consider that the clock is years-months-days-hours-minutes-seconds; then it should be "1042-3-6-05-55-21" because the 51 months should be expressed as 2 years and 3 months.


Correction: The "51-6" is not months-days it's actually weeks-days.


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