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In Time (2011)

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Will and Silvia break into Phillipe's personal high security vault and steal his first million years from him. They then release all of these years into the system at the rescue mission. Even though there's nothing the Timekeepers can do about the release, Ray continues to chase the outlaws, but Timekeepers only keep a small amount of time on their person and Raymond didn't receive his allowance during the final chase, Raymond times out and he dies. Will races to use Raymond's allowance to save his life and also save Sylvia's life. We then see Will and Sylvia pull up outside another bank some time later and prepare to rob the bank with guns. As they start climbing the steps it cuts to credits implying that Will and Sylvia have become the Robin Hoods of the new era, robbing banks to give time to the poor.


Continuity mistake: After Fortis loses the time fight and dies, Will takes Sylvia by the right hand and starts running dragging her after him. In the next frame, Sylvia drags him.

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Philippe Weis: For a few to be immortal, many must die.
Will Salas: Wrong!

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Question: How did Sylas get back to Dayton with only 30 minutes after the crash?

Answer: They ran.

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