The Three Musketeers

Audio problem: When Rochefort yells "Finish them off!" during the attempted ambush of the Musketeers, the sound doesn't match his mouth.


Other mistake: When the airship crash lands in the garden at the end of the film, D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Constance are all still aboard, along with the Queen's diamonds. However, only a minute or two later, the Queen emerges wearing the perfectly polished diamonds, and Constance is behind her, her hair, dress and makeup impeccable. This could not have been achieved in the time between the ship crashing and then.


Factual error: When D'artagnan and the musketeers are infiltrating the Tower of London, the king's guards are seen with the Tudor Rose crest on their tunics. By the time stated at the beginning of the movie, the last Tudor monarch (Elizabeth I) had been dead for 80+ years.

Factual error: In the movie, they have filmed some scenes in the palace of Versailles, which was built after this time period.

Continuity mistake: During Cardinal Richelieu and Milady deWinter's first conversation, the Cardinal's hands repeatedly change position between shots; sometimes he is holding both up, sometimes they are both down, sometimes one is on the table etc.


Aramis: I'm not really a priest.
Blonde girl: I'm not really a lady.
Aramis: I have 10 minutes.

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Question: I haven't read the novel - is their servant British in the book (if his character appears in the book at all)? It seemed like an odd choice given that they are warring with England, but perhaps it was just a good accent for the comic relief?

Answer: The servant is definitely French in Alexander Dumas' novel.

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