Paranormal Activity 3

Factual error: Julie mentions the time when someone saw the Virgin Mary on their toast. However, the famous piece of toast happened in 1994, six years after the events of this movie take place.

Factual error: During the sleepover in the tent Dennis gives the girls M&Ms to snack on. If you look closely you can see one of the girls eating a blue M&M. These didn't hit the market until around 1995, a full 7 years after this movie takes place.

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Factual error: During some of the scenes which take place during 1988, the two little girls are seen playing with a toy killer whale. This whale has three distinctive black marks on its 'chin,' which means it is a Free Willy toy. "Free Willy" didn't come out until 1993.

Other mistake: While Dennis is editing one of the video tapes, there's one on a table labeled "89" even though the film takes place in 1988.


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Trivia: The movie takes place in the 80's, and is supposedly being filmed on an old VHS camcorder. In actuality, it was filmed on modern-day HD camcorders, and digitally "aged" to look like old VHS footage.


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