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Corrected entry: In the opening scene where the driver is talking on his phone, the TV is broadcasting a basketball game between the LA Clippers and the Toronto Raptors. Later in the car, the radio broadcast is of a game between the LA Clippers and the Boston Celtics. (00:02:05 - 00:03:35)

Correction: It is the Raptor game on the radio too. They say names like DeRozan, Ed Davis and Jay Triano.

Corrected entry: While test driving the stock car you can hear the gears changing while the gearshift lever remains stationary.

Correction: Many cars, not just race cars, have paddle shifters on the steering wheel, and the gearshift doesn't move.


Corrected entry: In the mustang/300 chase scene, when the main character drives the mustang on the shoulder, it cuts to a frontal shot of the car. There is dust being kicked up by the camera rig driving in front of the vehicle. There should be no vehicle in front of him at this point and therefore there should be no dust. (00:54:55)

Correction: Already submitted.


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Bernie Rose: My partner is a belligerent asshole with his back up against a wall, and now, so am I.



In the pre-credit scenes when the chopper spots the runaway car, Driver guns it (he clenches his jaw, fists and you hear the engine revving and gears changing) but he never catches up with the two cars only a few feet in front of him (which are proceeding at normal speed) for the whole length of the bridge.



Whilst filming his death scene on the beach, Ron Perlman shattered his kneecap when a wave hit him.