Drive (2011)

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Other mistake: In the pre-credit scenes when the chopper spots the runaway car, Driver guns it (he clenches his jaw, fists and you hear the engine revving and gears changing) but he never catches up with the two cars only a few feet in front of him (which are proceeding at normal speed) for the whole length of the bridge.

Giacomo Chizzola

Continuity mistake: When Gosling crashes into Nino's cars a few times, the front end of his car is noticeably damaged. However, in the subsequent shots, the car is perfectly fine. Even the front headlights are implausibly intact and working despite just T-boning Nino's car.


Continuity mistake: When Driver is shown driving at the beginning, when it shows his hands, his gloves are on. But when the shot changes to show him still driving, his gloves are off.

Continuity mistake: In the chase scene, Gosling and the grey 300C approach a silver Ford Focus, which then steers out of the way. In the next shot, it has changed into a blue Toyota Corolla. (00:54:00)


Deliberate mistake: After pulling the e-brake in his car (Mustang) and turning completely around during a chase scene, "Driver's" vehicle continues to shift gears as he drives in reverse at high speeds.


Revealing mistake: When Gosling overtakes the car via the shoulder, you can see dust in front of his Mustang being thrown up by the camera car.


Continuity mistake: In this scene Ryan Gosling walks by a black mustang, you will see that his gloves are on his hands. In the shot, when he tries to break into the car, you still see his gloves on. But then moments later in the shot from his left, the gloves disappeared from his hands into his right back pocket. Though when you see him drive away, the gloves are back on his hands. (00:47:05)

Factual error: During the pre-credits sequence, when the Driver is attempting to escape the police, the sound of the engine accelerates with the rhythm of a manual transmission while the model on the screen has an automatic transmission.

Johnny Utah

Continuity mistake: When the 300C crashes, you can see what appears to be a camera on the shelf. But even if it isn't a camera, it wasn't there a minute ago.


Audio problem: While walking across the concrete garage floor Ryan's shoes make the sound you would hear while walking on hollow plywood.

Continuity mistake: The first time Driver is taking Irene and Benicio home from the shop, Driver looks at her and asks her if she wants to see something. When he asks her, he is looking right at her. But the next shot, when she answers him, he is looking at the road.

Shannon: He wouldn't be able to find pussy in a whore house.

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Trivia: Whilst filming his death scene on the beach, Ron Perlman shattered his kneecap when a wave hit him.

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