Factual error: When a global map is shown, the location of Toronto is incorrect. What is labelled as Toronto is actually the location of Montreal.


Factual error: On a map of South America, Buenos Aires is misspelt as 'Buenos Airis'

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Factual error: Shots are showed of different venues which you'd expect to be filled but are empty. Three shots are shown of an airport, the third a major international airport. In all three airport shots and especially the third, the airport is immaculate, the floors look like they were just waxed with a mirror shine, every item in its usual place. The previous shots shots, of Houses of Worship were realistic because things were in disarray, as you would expect. These places were abandoned rapidly and I'm sure there was no reason to have a cleaning crew come in right afterwards. But the airport shots look like that is exactly what happened, probably because in reality they were taken at about 3:30 AM, right after they had just be cleaned for the day.


Michael Prete