The Amazing Spider-Man

Question: When Ratha and Peter were talking about Peter's father, what did Connors mean by "I had nothing to do with that"? What did he have nothing to do with? Also, what did Ratha mean when he said Peter's father wore it well and what did Connors say that apparently Richard said? Also, Ratha said "Is that what you told his son Peter"? How did Ratha know that Connors had met with Peter?


Answer: Dr. Connors says "I had nothing to do with that" in reference to Richard Parker's apparent death. Ratha was implying that Connors was complicit in the death, to which Connors disagrees. When Ratha says "Richard Parker wore it well" he was talking about the indignation Connors was expressing about speeding up human trials. Apparently, though it is only vaguely mentioned in the film, Connors and Parker had already violated ethics with regards to the project. The thing that Connors said that apparently Richard Parker also said was that speeding up human trials was wrong. Ratha knew that Peter met with Connors because he had been spying on Connors.


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