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Corrected entry: During a scene they try to light some dynamite with matches, but these come from a cardboard matchbox. These were not available till the 1930s.


Correction: Matchboxes have been around since the early 1820's-30's. This movie takes place in 1873, so they've had around 40 years to find one.

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Corrected entry: In the bar scene where Daniel Craig is pouring shots for himself while speaking to Olivia Wilde, just before she reaches for his bracelet he pours a glass. A few moments later without drinking, although we see his hand raise a little for a drink, he pours another shot into the same (already full) glass. (00:18:45)


Correction: So he made it a double.

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Correction: Actually he is saying "She's gone pal"

Corrected entry: Jake and Emma bail out from the alien aircraft and end up in a lake. Both have cap and ball Colt revolvers, so wet powder is a given, and yet neither possesses the equipment to extract the loads, nor replacement powder. Nevertheless, they open fire on the aliens at the spaceship.

Correction: It is plausible they changed bullets off camera. They had enough to time to reload before the alien ship scene.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel Craig and a bearded man are attempting to throw explosives into the ship's hangar, the bearded man drops all the matches over the ledge. However, in the shot where the matches fall toward the camera, you can see one of the matches still sticking out on the ledge. This would invalidate the brief problem of not having any matches.

Correction: They still needed a surface to ignite the matches on. Even if late 1800's matches could be ignited on "any surface", Jake saw a easy solution, making the need for matches moot.


Continuity mistake: When the Preacher finds Jake in his home, he is pointing his rifle at Jake right handed, but while Jake and the Colonel are searching the alien ship Jake shot down, the Preacher is pointing his gun left handed. Every other shot, he is using his right hand.


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Meacham: Whether you end up in Heaven or Hell isn't God's plan, it's your own. You just have to remember what it is.

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Question: Who's the actress who played Loengard's wife (the woman who says the gold he acquired was blood-money)?

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