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Next Friday (2000)

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Continuity mistake: When Day-Day's father tells him that D'wana is outside scratching up his car, he is seen standing next to Craig but when the camera angle changes he now has his arm around Craig. (00:16:49)


Continuity mistake: Deebo kicks the door off Craig's dads truck yet when they drive away in the end it's back on.


Continuity mistake: After Craig's father goes to the bathroom at Kay's Grill, he points to the sky so everyone looks up and steals 2 french fries from the ladies sitting at the table. He starts eating one as he walks around the corner, but as the camera angle changes he no longer has the 2nd french fry in his hand. (00:23:47)


Other mistake: Deebo's name is spelled with 2 e's, but throughout the movie the subtitles spell it with only 1 e.


Continuity mistake: During some scenes, Roach has a bandaid on his neck. Later in the same day, there's no band aid.

Continuity mistake: When Craig's dad buys his burrito before he is told about the bogus phone call, he also buys a small Pepsi which the guy hands to him with the burrito. He takes his burrito and a small Pepsi cup into the truck and drives off. Later, when he is trying to get off the freeway to go to the bathroom, there is a large Pepsi cup in the door holder.


Joker: Count my money or party with bitches. Hundred and fitties or big ass titties. Count the green or get in between those titties.

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Trivia: In the scene right after Uncle Elroy showed Craig the backyard, Craig is going into Day-Day's room wiping his shirt. On the right side of the screen, A 'Player's Club' poster is on the wall which Ice Cube directed and starred in.

T Poston
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