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Continuity mistake: When Craig is sitting on Elroy's couch, he lights a joint and puts the lighter on the table. It disappears in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Baby Joker and Joker are counting the money in the room and they get interupted by Little Joker and the two girls they shove the money in the pump. Then when Craig gets into the room and opens the drawer with the pump and pulls out some money it is all wrapped up in rubber bands.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Day-Day and Roach are being interrogated by the Joker brothers, all of the brothers are shirtless, but later when Joker kicks the three girls out of his house he appears in the doorway with a shirt on. In the next shot when he continues interrogating Day-Day and Roach he is shirtless again.

Continuity mistake: When Craig first gets to DaDa's house, his BMW car is on the left side of the driveway. Then they go into the house and when they come out because DaDa's girlfriend is keying his car, its on the right side of the driveway next to the grass and no one drove it.

Continuity mistake: When Craig first meets Karla her brother Joker send Cheeco after him and you see Cheeco running out of the house, through the garage to chase Craig. The camera angle changes and you see Craig going back to his cousin's house and he turns to see Cheeco coming out of the garage again. (00:27:11)


Continuity mistake: When Craig, his father, and uncle climb over the fence to save Day-Day and Roach, Craig's uncle falls from the fence and lands with his feet pointing towards Craig and his father but when he stands up his head is now where his feet were. (01:20:43)


Continuity mistake: When Day-Day's dad goes into Joker's house to rescue him and Roach, his dad walks up to them as they are laying on the floor and you can see some potato chips and other things on the floor next to them. The camera angle changes to a close up and you now see some things on the floor next to Roach's head that were not there in the previous shot. (01:25:53)


Continuity mistake: When Craig's uncle is showing him the pool you can see 2 lawn chairs laying on the ground beside the jacuzzi. The camera angle changes to a close up of the jacuzzi and you now see one of the lawn chairs sitting upright. (00:19:15)


Continuity mistake: When Baby D' stops chasing Day Day she puts one hand on his car and the other on her hip. The camera angle changes and you now see that she has both hands on his car. (00:44:13)


Continuity mistake: When the police arrive at Joker's house, the first police car pulls up in the driveway and you can see his rear tires are at the edge of the driveway. The camera angle changes and the rear tires are now on the street. (01:26:54)


Continuity mistake: When Uncle Elroy shows Craig his swimming pool he fishes a used condom out of the hot-tub. In one scene he is holding it upside down so the water can run out of it, but in the next scene he is holding it right-side up, the water is still inside and then he empties it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Uncle Elroy is showing Craig his hot tub in the back yard, you can clearly see that there is no condom in the hot tub. In the next shot, there is a purple condom in the hot tub.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Craig and Baby Joker are fighting, Craig knocks Joker down and Joker's shoe comes off, then when he pops up it's back on again.

Continuity mistake: When Craig gives Day-Day the certified envelope at Pinky's, the address is 7900 Myrtle street. But When Craig Day-Day and Roach pull up to Day-Day's house after getting fired, the mailbox which is purple like his house, has the address of 27660.


Factual error: At the end when the cops come after the fights. Ice Cube seems to be able to 1. tell the cops who to arrest even though the cops just arrived. And 2. Walk right out the front door of a house being raided by several cops with a the cash cylinder and no-one even seems to care. In reality everyone would have been arrested in handcuffs, questioned at the scene, and only released when or if it was determined they were not doing anything illegal.


Revealing mistake: When Deebo is getting attacked by Joker's dog, you can see protective padding on his arm.

Continuity mistake: When Day Day and Roach are taped together, the tape constantly changes. In one scene, the tape if very uniform in how it is wrapped around both of them. In the next scene, it is wrapped around them sloppily.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Continuity mistake: When the party starts at Joker's house, you see one of his brothers dancing with a lady and he has no shirt on. The camera angle changes and the woman he was dancing with is no longer in front of him and he has his shirt on. (01:01:21)


Continuity mistake: When Roach and Day Day are tied up and they start to spin around, the bandage on his arm has two spots of blood. When Roach is leaving Day Day's house with the dog, there is a line of blood.

Bonita Kilpatrick

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Trivia: In the scene right after Uncle Elroy showed Craig the backyard, Craig is going into Day-Day's room wiping his shirt. On the right side of the screen, A 'Player's Club' poster is on the wall which Ice Cube directed and starred in.

T Poston

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Question: What was Deebo in jail for? I know at the beginning of the movie it shows a flashback with the police showing up after the fight, but why would they arrest him?


Chosen answer: It's not stated, but most likely after everyone witnessed someone finally standing up to Deebo that people gained the courage to testify against him. Most likely breaking and entering charges (as he did at Stanley's house) and assault.

Carl Missouri

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