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Next Friday (2000)

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Corrected entry: After Craig's father goes to the bathroom at Kay's Grill he's talking to the people sitting around the bathroom and you can see Deebo and his cousin at the phone booth in the background having the same conversation they had when they first arrived at the phone booth during the previous scene.



Correction: Actually they were still talking before they called Kay's Grill, they were supposed to still be there so they could make the phone call.

Corrected entry: When Day-Day, Craig, and Roach are in the back of Pinky's Record Store, Roach pulls out a bud brownie and says that is all he has. Craig then proceeds to pull out a joint. Later in the film when Roach is keeping Chico the dog occupied he feeds him the bud brownie. Once Chico is lying down and Roach is lying on the other side of the fence, he is smoking a joint. Where did it come from?

Correction: Roach is in fact smoking the roach that Craig pulled out of his pocket earlier.

Corrected entry: Towards the end, after Elroy pays the Korean lady to pop his back into place, if you look in the background at the big screen TV, you can see the back pooping scene, only they're wearing different clothes.

Correction: Actually, its not the scene from Next Friday that is on the TV. It's a scene from "The Jefferson's" where George is getting his back popped and Mrs Ho-Kym (the Korean lady from next door) happens to be using the same method of popping Elroy's back.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Ice Cube is getting in his dad's dog pound van ready to go and live with his cousins, he remembers Smokey (Chris Tucker in the first Friday movie) and utters the words "I'll miss it around here but I'm going to especially miss my boy Smokey who went into rehab a month ago." If this film is set next Friday from the original as the title suggests how did Smokey go away a month ago?

Correction: The story is not suggested to show that it is 7 days later from the original movie. In the beginning of the story it tells us that it's been a while since the last episode.



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When Baby Joker and Joker are counting the money in the room and they get interupted by Little Joker and the two girls they shove the money in the pump. Then when Craig gets into the room and opens the drawer with the pump and pulls out some money it is all wrapped up in rubber bands.



In the scene right after Uncle Elroy showed Craig the backyard, Craig is going into Day-Day's room wiping his shirt. On the right side of the screen, A 'Player's Club' poster is on the wall which Ice Cube directed and starred in.