Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tulio visits Linda in Minnesota, there are two blue pens or pencils on the table. When Tulio throws Blu, the two pens or pencils have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Linda and Blu are on the computer, when Tulio "communicates" with Blu, the computer is way too much to the right. It reappears when Blu starts squawking.


Continuity mistake: When Blu and Jewel are first taken to the smugglers, Jewel tells Blu to play dead. From the camera angle in the cage, Blu is to the left and Jewel to the right. However, when the sheet is removed, they switched positions.

Continuity mistake: After Nigel chases down Blu and Jewel, he crashes into something, and the entire town lights are off. In the next scene, the lights are on again.


Continuity mistake: Blu dives out of the plane to save Jewel. When he catches her, he has his wings wrapped around her and they are talking face to face. When he starts to fly, however, she is now facing downward (toward the ocean).

Continuity mistake: Blu tries to fly when Linda is asleep - he reads books and looks at blue prints to help him. He uses Christmas lights as runway lights. At the end of the table there is only a cord, no lights but as he runs and takes off the Christmas lights appear on the cord.


Continuity mistake: The night when the guard is attacked by Nigel, he doesn't wear hand gloves. However after he wakes up, when he is reporting the situation to the cops, he has on a pair of big carnival gloves. (00:20:10 - 00:23:35)


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