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Corrected entry: The morning of the second meeting with De Niro we see Bradley Cooper's knuckles are bloody from the fight in the subway. At the meeting his knuckles are fine and afterwards they are bloody again.

Correction: Look very closely when he washes his hands. He has a full skin colored knuckle band-aid on.

Corrected entry: When Eddie is getting a ride home in Carl Van Loon's limo, he's asked to review some company portfolios. As he gets out of the limo at his apartment, he is not holding the binder with the portfolios. But the next morning when he wakes up, he has the binder and is reviewing them for the meeting.

Correction: When Eddie awakes in the morning, the sign on the briefcase reads "hand deliver to Edward Morrra". It appears Van Loon had the information delivered shortly after he dropped Eddie off.

Corrected entry: Given the "efficient" logical function of Eddie's brain, for some reason, his brain deduced it was "smarter" to borrow money from the Russian Mafia (higher interest) than the safer option of going to the bank. Also, given his reliability in being able to generate a substantial income, the bank would have had no trouble granting him a loan. He also then forgets to repay this loan to the mafia.

Correction: A bank doesn't grant a loan just because one can make a lot of money. It all depends on a person's previous credit history. I know of a guy who made $40000 a year, he began a job at $100000 a year, but after a year of work, he still couldn't get a mortgage because 4 years before, he'd had a bankruptcy.


Corrected entry: After Eddie has finished clearing his apartment he says how he no longer desires Smoking whilst on the NZT pill. Later Gennady is seen smoking whilst on NZT, even though his addiction should be cleared.

Joshua Bellis

Correction: In the movie Eddie says he no longer wants to smoke. We have no similar comment or point made by Gennady, so, for all we know, the drug affects Gennady differently. Gennady doesn't become a financial wizard on the drug, he just appears to become a better gangster. Vern states early on that it cannot create intelligence, just improves what is already there. So, maybe Eddie had the need to give up, and NZT strengthened that need. Gennady just didn't... No mistake in the movie.

Corrected entry: After Eddie stabs and kills Gennady (the gangster), Eddie pushes Gennady's body off him and the body rolls onto its stomach. You can see the prop knife, which is stuck in Gennady's stomach, easily bending under Gennady's weight, as though it is made of rubber.


Correction: No, you see the weight of his body shift the position of the knife imbedded in his abdomen. There aren't any particularly solid parts in there, so as his weight pushed the knife to the side as he was rolling over, the blade was just pushed to the side inside him. Thought the same thing when I watched it last night, but watched again today, and it wasn't what I thought at first.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Eddie and his girlfriend are eating, she says she wants to break up. Then, she gives her credit card to the waiter, but leaves without getting her credit card back.

Correction: This happens in real life, why is it a movie mistake?


Continuity mistake: When Eddie is hiding with the golf club, there is a blue chair which got knocked over during the murder. But a few minutes later when Eddie is peeking round the corner to check for intruders, the blue chair is magically standing upright again.

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Carl Van Loon: Your powers are a gift from God, or whoever the hell wrote your life script.

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Question: Who was it that killed Eddie's brother in law? Was it someone looking for more NZT or just a random killing? I don't recall it actually being answered.

Answer: It wasn't identified who killed Vernon but it was strongly implied that it was tied to his dealing in NZT.

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