Continuity mistake: When Eddie is hiding with the golf club, there is a blue chair which got knocked over during the murder. But a few minutes later when Eddie is peeking round the corner to check for intruders, the blue chair is magically standing upright again.

Continuity mistake: When Eddie is eating breakfast and waiting for Van Loon, his hands and the food he is holding change position repeatedly between shots; sometimes his hands are down, sometimes they are holding up some food, and the amount of food he his holding changes too.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when the shot pans up the front of Eddie's building from street level, there is a balcony a few levels before we reach the top. When Eddie looks down from where he is standing and we see the front of the building from his point of view, the balcony is no longer there; the front of the building is now completely flat.

Continuity mistake: Before Eddie dives in to the sea, the sunshine is indicative of midday, but when he is swimming it's more like evening.


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