Multiplicity (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Doug brings number 2 home to the guest house, Laura drives up, number 2 pulls up the blinds and they both say hi honey to Laura. Then Doug tackles number 2. Then the guest house is shown from the outside, and the blinds are back down at a slant.


Correction: The blinds stay in the up position. Even later when there's a second shot of the outside. There are 4 windows and it is the 3rd window from the right whose blinds are down at a slant. However it was the 2nd window from the right whose blinds were raised, and they stay raised. The blinds on the other 2 windows also are in the same position when seen from outside.


Corrected entry: After #2 was cloned, it is explained that they remember everything up to the time of the split. So wouldn't the clones be in love with the wife and kids too? It seems the clones have no problem carrying on new relationships, like they aren't married. If the clones remember everything, this should include falling in love with the wife, and the birth and rearing of the kids. But they all seem aloof to the family, particularly #2.


Correction: First, #1 made the rule the clones couldn't sleep with his wife, so they simply found other companionship, although their feelings did factor in when they did or tried to sleep with her. But since they know they're clones, they also know she and the kids are not really their family. However, we see each clone has his own distinct personality, so they have different attitudes towards the family.

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Doug #2: [seeing Doug #1] Is that it?
Dr. Leeds: No. I'm afraid you're it.
Doug #2: What do you mean? I can't be it. You mean, you think I'm the clone?
Dr. Leeds: That's right.
Doug #2: I can't be the clone, I'm me. He's gotta be the clone.
Doug #1: No, see I'm, I'm me. I'm me. I'm me, right.



When Michael Keaton is talking to his wife he picks up Froot Loops, then a second later he picks up Cheerios.



Michael Keaton is seen wearing a Penn State hate. Keaton was born in Pennsylvania and is a long time resident of Pittsburgh, although Penn State is not his alma mater.