Dinner for Schmucks

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tim goes to Julie's gallery to tell her his good news. When Julie comes out to meet him she is wearing earrings and then the next shot she is NOT wearing them, then in another shot she is again.


Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Barry takes the "Tim" mouse out of the trash to work on it, he takes off his regular glasses and puts on his magnifying visor. When he flips the visor up, his regular glasses are still on underneath.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Tim and Julie are having dinner at their apartment, her wine glass disappears and then reappears between shots.

Continuity mistake: Just before Steve Carell's character wades into the pond at the end of the movie, notice that his pants are already damp up to mid-shin, even though he hasn't yet entered the water.

Continuity mistake: At the dinner, Therman and Barry are pretending to shoot their "mind control" at each other. Therman is standing to the right of the woman in the purple dress and pretends to grab something from her cleavage and throw it. Then it cuts to Barry pretending to catch it, and he's standing right next to the same woman in the same spot where Therman threw it.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Barry puts the Evel Knievel display on top it's off center to the right of the box below it. When they cut to the next shot far away it's centered, only to go back to being off when they go close up again.


Continuity mistake: Near end when Therman and Barry are battling, Barry takes off his clip on tie to deflect something from Therman. In next view of Barry the tie is back on.


Continuity mistake: When Tim throws out his back, the film is edited so that you see Tim in the hallway, and next scene you have Tim on the couch. When Tim attempts to go into his bedroom, he falls to the floor. While you see Tim crawling to his bedroom, you see Barry watching in the background, but you also see a busted table next to the couch. No scene is given on how the table broke. However, in the trailers, you see Tim crashing into the table when he enters his apartment.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tim and Julie are arguing in the elevator, the elevator keeps closing on Tim's arm. Barry then arrives and helps his new friend by pulling on Tim's free arm to get him unstuck. Barry pulls too hard and they end up falling on the floor. This is where the scene is incorrect because it shows that Barry has a hold of Tim's Leg and not Tim's arm.


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