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Corrected entry: When Caesar, the mouse catcher, is on the dining room floor inspecting mouse droppings, at one point he says the droppings are 10 to 12 cm long (4 to 4.7 inches). He said the wrong measuring unit, he should have said 10 to 12 mm to be correct. (00:52:00)


Correction: He's talking about the length of the mouse, not the droppings themselves.


Corrected entry: When the cat is chasing the mouse and gets trapped in the laundry elevator thing, the mouse chews on the rope to make it fall. When it's falling, you can see the smoke rise before you hear the elevator crashing.

Correction: The 'smoke' is dust dislodged as the cat fell.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where they show a mail truck, and it has the new logo of the postal service.

Correction: You are probably going by the assumption that this movie is set some time in the past (40s or 50s perhaps), but it is never said when it takes place. Therefore, use of the modern postal service logo is not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the brothers first enter the house, they flip a quarter for the bed. The movie seems to be set in the 40's but the quarter reads 1972.

Correction: It is never actually mentioned as to when the movie takes place. Many of the cars, technologies, and such appear to be 40s era, but there are some things, such as the color TV in the diner and mention of "The Omen" (released in 1976), which would contradict it. The film most likely is set to date, but takes place in a small town where everything seems old fashioned, which is not entirely uncommon for small towns.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Lars is in the string factory alone and the machinery pulls on loose threads on his clothing, there is a shot where a crewman's arm can be seen through some mesh holding the thread.


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Ernie: He's Hitler with a tail. He's "The Omen" with whiskers. Even Nostradamus didn't see him coming.

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Trivia: The character played by Nathan Lane says to a gentleman in Arabian dress, "Hakuna Matata," a line of Nathan's in The Lion King as the voice of Timon.

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Question: Is the mouse supposed to be the re-incarnation of the dead man that left the mansion to the brothers?

Answer: No, it's just an intelligent and precocious mouse.


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