The Green Hornet

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Trivia: Kato makes a comment of how time slows down when he fights. This is another reference to Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee punched and kicked so fast that it couldn't be seen on film and the film had to be slowed down just to see it. In addition, when filming, Lee still had to slow down his punches and kicks.

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Trivia: Another Bruce Lee reference: When Kato demonstrates that it's him, not the Green Hornet, that has the power, he uses (an exaggerated version of) Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch.

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Trivia: When Britt Reid is flicking through Kato's sketch book you see a sketch of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee played Kato in the original Green Hornet from 1966-1967.

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Trivia: Early in the film, it is stated that James Reid died from an apparent allergic reaction to a bee sting. The lighting array on the ceiling of his office at the Daily Sentinel resembles a honeycomb pattern, such as those found in a beehive, or indeed hornet hive.

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