The Green Hornet

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Other mistake: When the TV reporter is talking about the men in green being killed, she says dead bodies were found all through the city, at night. However she was reporting on the 7 bodies found (with the appropriate graphic). According to the newspaper, the 7 bodies were found by police in the morning, in one dumpster. Plus, we know when a thug killed a man in green he or she brought the body in, so they weren't found throughout the city. (And she wasn't reporting on bystanders being killed since she mentions they were all wearing green).

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Kato: I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?
Britt Reid: Yeah, I love Japan.



When Reid and Kato are fighting by the pool, the beach ball falls off the chair (beside the pool) when they land in the water, but is back up on the chair in a following shot.



Kato makes a comment of how time slows down when he fights. This is another reference to Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee punched and kicked so fast that it couldn't be seen on film and the film had to be slowed down just to see it. In addition, when filming, Lee still had to slow down his punches and kicks.