Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Question: Why were they all staring at Phil because he asked the man to cuff Phil to him? Also why did Cylia and Cyril not seem so angry at Phil?


Answer: Money.

Question: Why would Phil even gamble away the farm to Mrs Biggles in the first place? If he didn't neither him or Isabel and her kids would have gotten in that awful mess in the first place?


Answer: Clearly he is not a very responsible person. This was to create a storyline to add to the film.

Answer: Because without the pigs they wouldn't get the money for the tractor. Without that they wouldn't get the harvest and would end up losing the farm. Not to mention that the piglets were prize pigs and would sell for lots of money.

Continuity mistake: When Cyril holds the jar of Dad's jam he pulls off the lid along with the ribbon, but the ribbon is back on the jar in the following shots. (00:16:20)

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