A Nightmare on Elm Street

Trivia: When Nancy is drowning in the blood, the blood breaks through the floor to pour into the bedroom downstairs. This is a tribute to the original's famous bed-death scene where Johnny Depp is slaughtered by Freddy, causing the room to be drenched in his blood. (01:23:30)

Trivia: When Nancy is looking for information on the other kids in her class, she comes across a classmate who posts video blogs of his experiences with Freddy. This is Aaron Yoo, who played Chewie in Friday the 13th's remake.

Trivia: Prior to production, there were rumors that Billy Bob Thornton would play the new Freddy Krueger. Original Freddy actor Robert Englund was very instrumental in reporting and talking about this rumor, and would publicly speak about it, even implying it was a done-deal on several occasions. This caused some minor confusion when Thornton was not cast, and it turns out that Englund was talking about it so much (especially in implying Thorton was in the film) in an attempt to pressure the studio into casting Thornton, as he felt Thornton would be the perfect actor for a modern Freddy.

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