A Nightmare on Elm Street

Corrected entry: When Nancy is in the hospital after the drug store scene, after her mother signs the paper work to sedate her, you can see the claw on the actress playing the nurse when she pulls the curtain back to reveal Nancy is no longer there.


Correction: Those are only the actress' long fingers, she never has claws on (although the scene may have been shot to make you think they were Freddy's claws).


Corrected entry: When Kris is in the attic above the garage, she is looking through stacked boxes for old photos from her childhood. The box on top says 1996, yet in the next shot (which is a few seconds later), 1997 is on top.

Correction: 1997 is on top in both of the scenes.

Corrected entry: When Nancy is taking a bath and Freddy's claw appears in the tub with her. When they first show her in the tub, she is covered in bubbles and the water is full of bubbles. When the claw reaches up between her legs, there are hardly any bubbles. When she wakes up (only a few seconds later), the bubbles are covering her and the water again.

Correction: As you said. "When she wakes up. " When the claw reaches up between her legs, this is part of the dream as Freddy was not in the real world yet. Therefore things changing in a dream are not a mistake.


Corrected entry: The story implies from the pictures and the flashbacks that there were at least 10 kids that attended the preschool. Five of which are currently friends or classmates. None of them remember the preschool? None of them remember the abuse? Its hard to believe that ALL of those kids could suppress such traumatic memories of being abused by the gardener at the preschool.


Correction: Not all of the kids were abused. It's possible half of them didn't remember being at the preschool, those five being the friends. We don't know if the other kids remembered or not, whether they were abused or not, as the only thing we know is they are dead.


Corrected entry: In the scene where she finds the Marcus guy's Internet Video Blog, he talks about how he can't sleep at night because someone is trying to kill him. In one part he's ranting aimlessly about how he's been up for 70+ hours. Then a short time later he dozes off into sleep and his head hits his webcam as if he was killed. How can he post his internet blog to his page if he's been killed? Seems a little hard from beyond the grave.

Correction: It was a live video post, not a pre-recorded one. He was posting it to his blog in real time while it was happening, and since he died during it, was obviously unable to delete it or edit it later on.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kris is in her bedroom reading the newspaper, her window is open. In a scene before that, it showed her turning on the house alarm. She would not be able to open her window if the alarm was set.

Correction: Alot of houses have separate settings for alarms - she probably just had the doors alarmed, or just the ground floor.

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