The Losers

Other mistake: In the scene where Jensen is attempting to decrypt the password on the hard drive with the algorithm, he uses the command "traceroute d-hea" which is commonly used to test network connectivity, not decrypt passwords.Then follows it with the command "dir" to reveal HTML code instead of directory structures.


Other mistake: During the heist of the armoured car, The Losers detonate the explosive device on one of the black SUV's and it then blows up and rises up vertically. The problem with this is the explosive device was attached to the side of the SUV, and it really should have blown it sideways and up, not just vertical.


Other mistake: The scene where Chris Evans's character is riding up to the building, the Texas flag is upside down.


Other mistake: In the scene where the "Losers" are in the cemetery, the location is Bolivia but there's a Puerto Rican flag hanging in the background.


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