The Losers

Other mistake: In the scene where Jensen is attempting to decrypt the password on the hard drive with the algorithm, he uses the command "traceroute d-hea" which is commonly used to test network connectivity, not decrypt passwords.Then follows it with the command "dir" to reveal HTML code instead of directory structures.


Other mistake: During the heist of the armoured car, The Losers detonate the explosive device on one of the black SUV's and it then blows up and rises up vertically. The problem with this is the explosive device was attached to the side of the SUV, and it really should have blown it sideways and up, not just vertical.


Continuity mistake: When Jake disguises himself as a messenger and enters a building intending to hack into a computer, he shows up at the ground floor lobby with his bicycle. Behind him, an Asian lady also turns from the lobby and walks past him. In another shot, the very same lady is seen entering the building from another entrance.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Continuity mistake: Cougar fired 2 shots to stop the security guards with Jensen, but when the camera zooms in on Cougar there are 3 holes in the glass from where he was shooting. (00:54:30)

Revealing mistake: When Jensen is investigating the missing 4 million dollars from the account, we see the screen on his laptop. Among other things, it shows a picture of Fadhil's passport, which looks like it has a watermark on it, readable as Indeed, going to you will find the passport pictured there. (01:01:35)


Other mistake: The scene where Chris Evans's character is riding up to the building, the Texas flag is upside down.


Plot hole: Aisha fires off a rocket explosive at the port which causes a massive explosion, yet Max doesn't react to the huge sound it makes in any way.


Continuity mistake: When the losers attack the base to save the children, they have M1A4 rifles. When they put the children on the bus and step back, they now have HK 416 rifles. (01:36:55)


Continuity mistake: While preparing for the Miami operation, a few shots show Aisha apparently leaning on the table in front of her while she talks with Roque. But the shots that show Clay in the background look like Aisha is leaning to one side with her hands/arms not on the table. (01:02:15)


Other mistake: In the scene where the "Losers" are in the cemetery, the location is Bolivia but there's a Puerto Rican flag hanging in the background.


Continuity mistake: When The Losers are escaping in the School bus, as it crests the hill and comes down the slope to escape the firestorm, the camera shot from the front shows the bus dropping nose first, but the next camera shot from the side now shows it dropping back end first.


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