Royce (Adrien Brody) lets loose an abandoned Predator and, in exchange, the Predator shows Royce to a spaceship that will take him to Earth. The last surviving Predator kills the good Predator in retaliation and blows up the ship, seemingly killing Royce. Isabelle (Alice Braga) and Edwin (Topher Grace) are left alone, when Edwin reveals his true colors by poisoning Isabelle with a paralysis toxin. But he gets caught by Royce, who didn't get on the ship after all. Edwin plays innocent and Royce pretends to believe him - until Royce stabs Edwin in the throat, straps grenades to him and leaves him to die. The Predator finds him on the ground and he pleads "Help me, I'm one of you" before the grenades explode. Royce fights the Predator in a brutal fight before cutting its head off. Royce and Isabelle properly introduce themselves. As dawn breaks, they look into the sky to see more parachutes dropping down...


Revealing mistake: When Cuchillo is about to be shot by Isabelle, you can see the bullet-hole-effect go off too early, due to bad editing. It's exactly in between that scene, when both actors are from the side, and as the scene changes to where Isabelle is seen from the front. (00:34:25)


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Isabelle: We need to work as a team.
Cuchillo: Does this look like a team orientated group of individuals to you?

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Trivia: When the Yakuza guy faces with the Predator, takes his shirt off and cuts himself across the chest, it's almost exactly the same as in the original Predator movie when the Indian guy faces down the Predator, takes his shirt off and cuts himself across the chest. And on both occasions, they die, although Yakuza guy manages to kill the Predator too.

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Question: Nikolai comes across the colorful plant, which Edwin identifies to be poisonous, and he even knows its scientific name. But if the plant is known for Edwin, then it must be native to Earth, since there is no reason to believe that the doctor has studied extraterrestrial flora. Why is this plant growing in there? Have the predators maybe prepared the planet to be more "interesting", by adding some toxic plants from another worlds in there?


Chosen answer: Indeed, it's an interesting question, and not one to which any answer is given. In the absence of any other information, your speculation that the predators have taken various plant species from other worlds to study and just make their hunting environment more interesting is as good an explanation as any other.

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