Royce (Adrien Brody) lets loose an abandoned Predator and, in exchange, the Predator shows Royce to a spaceship that will take him to Earth. The last surviving Predator kills the good Predator in retaliation and blows up the ship, seemingly killing Royce. Isabelle (Alice Braga) and Edwin (Topher Grace) are left alone, when Edwin reveals his true colors by poisoning Isabelle with a paralysis toxin. But he gets caught by Royce, who didn't get on the ship after all. Edwin plays innocent and Royce pretends to believe him - until Royce stabs Edwin in the throat, straps grenades to him and leaves him to die. The Predator finds him on the ground and he pleads "Help me, I'm one of you" before the grenades explode. Royce fights the Predator in a brutal fight before cutting its head off. Royce and Isabelle properly introduce themselves. As dawn breaks, they look into the sky to see more parachutes dropping down...


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