She's Out of My League

She's Out of My League (2010)

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Kirk is about to go on a trip with Marnie and his family, but realises he wants to be with Molly and tells them all to go fuck themselves (his words, not mine). Unfortunately, the plane is about to take off, so he can't leave, leading to the most uncomfortable scenario ever. Stainer fetches Molly and tells Jack to stall the plane. As everyone gets off the plane, Kirk tries to leave, but an angry Marnie chases him. Kirk punches Marnie out."I think we should see other people!" Kirk reunites with Molly and they kiss. Kirk gets a pilot's licence and he and Molly fly off in a nifty little Cirrus single engine private plane.


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"Plane Doctor": You shouldn't be using your cellphone. It's bad for the plane.
Patty: Excuse me. Are you a plane doctor? No. So shut the hell up.



During the scene by Kirk's parents pool, Kirk is begging his brother not to embarrass him. Dylan turns to put his back against the side of the pool and his left elbow knocks over a beer can. In the next shot, behind Dylan, he is between two upright beer cans.



Prior to their first date, Molly, her sister, and Patty are shopping. The sister holds up a dress, and the consensus is that it is horrible. When Molly and Kirk go to visit his family, Marnie is wearing that very same dress.