Mission: Impossible

Corrected entry: Claire leaves the fire fighter uniform in the closet but is seen wearing it again in the truck while leaving.

Correction: We don't see Claire after she leaves the hall so she has all the time she needs to change back her clothes.

Corrected entry: Why on earth would the NOC computer be left online while the operator is out of the room? A simple logon card on a chain around his neck could be used, like most government departments do. Why would such a sensitive computer have a CD burner attached?

Correction: The computer is not left online: while Ethan is hanging from the ceiling, the operator guy gets in the room, sets the computer online using his logon card and then rushes out to the WC room without turning off the computer. The CD burner is there in case they needed to transfer any data: remember that the mainframe has no connection with any other computer.

Corrected entry: When Ethan is hanging in the room trying to get the NOC list the guy that is supposed to be working in there comes back and sits down, and just before he pukes his brains out his eyes look straight up towards Ethan.

Correction: His eyes move up, but his head does not. While reading this, try looking up without moving your head: you won't be able to see the ceiling right over you, which is where Ethan would be.

Corrected entry: Why, in the most secure computer room you could find, with all those detection devices, did they not install video cameras?

Correction: There would be serious security concerns - you don't want an available method of viewing (or, worse, recording) top secret information.

Corrected entry: When Ethan is in the computer room, why doesn't the alarm trigger when he types on the keyboard?

Correction: What kind of alarm should go off? The keyboard has no alarm connected to it, the pressure alarm is only on the floor, the temperature one has nothing to do with the keyboard and Ethan did not make enough noise to trigger the noise one.

Corrected entry: How will the death of Jack be explained or disavowed to authorities, since he will be found with all his technological stuff, including the laptop with all of the IMF information?

Correction: IMF is not a publicly known division of the CIA, so the CIA could state they were not aware of its existence and that they are rogue and unbacked by the U.S.

Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise is talking to Krieger and the other guy on the train about breaking into Langley, he clearly states that any noise above a whisper would trigger the alarm system, but the noise he makes when he's getting pulled up from the room is much louder than a whisper.

Correction: The pulling up happens a split second after the technician has set off the alarm, so the noise detector is set off.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Tom Cruise is talking at the outdoor pub, it never shows him drinking any beer. But when they do a "cheers", his glass is nearly empty.

Correction: They didn't just arrive at the pub when the scene begins, so it's quite possible that Cruise's character could have downed most of the beer prior to the toast.

Corrected entry: Emilio Estevez is clearly seen in the beginning of the movie. He had quite a few scenes, as did Kristen Scott Thomas, yet his name is not on the ending credits and hers is.

Correction: Emilio Estevez's role was uncredited.

Corrected entry: When stealing the NOC list, why worry about raising the temperature of a temperature-controlled room? If your body temperature can even raise the temperature of such a large room significantly, wouldn't the air-conditioning just kick in to compensate and keep the temperature of the room constant?

Correction: Because the security system is set off by unexpected temperature deviations. This is made very clear in the dialogue. If the sensors for the air conditioning can detect the change, then why can't those for the security system? They quite possibly share the same temperature sensors, anyway.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Ethan and Claire are explaining the mission to Luther and Krieger, Krieger says "While we're in Virginia, we should stop by Fort Knox." Fort Knox is in Tennessee.

Correction: Actually, Fort Knox is in Kentucky. Virginia does border onto Kentucky, so Krieger's suggestion to travel over to Fort Knox from there is not unreasonable (the distance from the state line is probably about 200 miles).

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ethan is in the NOC list room, when the camera changes to Krieger you can see a rat approaching. Krieger has noticed this rat. After you see Ethan come all the way back up and nearly into the hole the camera changes back to Krieger and there is a dead rat behind him. How did Krieger manage to kill that rat if both his hands were doing something?

Correction: He lets go of the rope to kill the rat, that's why Ethan falls so far.

Corrected entry: Ethan doesn't wear glasses so why did he choose to wear some when he was hanging in the room trying to get the NOC list?

Correction: The glasses have a built-in camera, which allows Luther to see what Ethan sees.

Corrected entry: The only place in London with that much grass around Tower Bridge is the Tower of London itself. I don't think whoever runs it would be happy to have a chopper within its walls.

Correction: The area where they landed the chopper was on the south side, opposite the Tower of London (on the north side). It was a patch of waste ground for years but is now the site of the offices of the Mayor of London in his swanky new building.


Factual error: The vents that Hunt and his sidekick crawl down at CIA Headquarters are standard galvanized iron box vents; they are very common in the building trade. Try walking or crawling down one - you'll make a noise like the sky is falling down. People will be able to hear you for miles. Every person in that building would know somebody crawling about in the vent system. (This error applies to dozens of films, not only this one).

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Eugene Kittridge: Hello, Max.
Max: My lawyers are going to have a field day with this. Entrapment, jurisdictional conflict.
Eugene Kittridge: Well, maybe we'll just leave the courts out of this one.
Max: I'm sure we can find something I have that you need.

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Trivia: An early draft of the script was set to feature several characters from the original series all being killed off to raise the stakes for the new characters. The producers wanted to bring back as many of the original actors as possible. All declined, as they felt it was disrespectful to the original series. As a result, only the character of Jim Phelps was brought back, albeit as a surprise villain and not a hero.

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