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Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise and Vanessa Redgrave are in her chauffeur-driven car, he "sets his price" for the NOC list, stating that he wants "two million dollars in bearer US Treasury bonds, with all coupons attached". The film is set after the fall of the Berlin Wall and after the Eurostar started running, that is no earlier than the nineties; however, the U.S. Treasury ceased to issue bearer bonds in 1986, so it would be impossible to find by that time, those bearer bonds, with "all coupons attached" (unless they can locate a lazy bones or neglectful investor which has let several years go by without collecting his coupons).

Correction: Bearer bonds are still available outside the US. They may not be sold by the US and trading in them in the States may be illegal, but most banks in Europe (especially in Switzerland) can get them if they want to.


Corrected entry: When Ethan is hanging in the room trying to get the NOC list the guy that is supposed to be working in there comes back and sits down, and just before he pukes his brains out his eyes look straight up towards Ethan.

Correction: His eyes move up, but his head does not. While reading this, try looking up without moving your head: you won't be able to see the ceiling right over you, which is where Ethan would be.

Corrected entry: How will the death of Jack be explained or disavowed to authorities, since he will be found with all his technological stuff, including the laptop with all of the IMF information?

Correction: IMF is not a publicly known division of the CIA, so the CIA could state they were not aware of its existence and that they are rogue and unbacked by the U.S.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Tom Cruise is talking at the outdoor pub, it never shows him drinking any beer. But when they do a "cheers", his glass is nearly empty.

Correction: They didn't just arrive at the pub when the scene begins, so it's quite possible that Cruise's character could have downed most of the beer prior to the toast.

Corrected entry: Emilio Estevez is clearly seen in the beginning of the movie. He had quite a few scenes, as did Kristen Scott Thomas, yet his name is not on the ending credits and hers is.

Corrected entry: When stealing the NOC list, why worry about raising the temperature of a temperature-controlled room? If your body temperature can even raise the temperature of such a large room significantly, wouldn't the air-conditioning just kick in to compensate and keep the temperature of the room constant?

Correction: Because the security system is set off by unexpected temperature deviations. This is made very clear in the dialogue. If the sensors for the air conditioning can detect the change, then why can't those for the security system? They quite possibly share the same temperature sensors, anyway.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Ethan and Claire are explaining the mission to Luther and Krieger, Krieger says "While we're in Virginia, we should stop by Fort Knox." Fort Knox is in Tennessee.

Correction: Actually, Fort Knox is in Kentucky. Virginia does border onto Kentucky, so Krieger's suggestion to travel over to Fort Knox from there is not unreasonable (the distance from the state line is probably about 200 miles).

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Corrected entry: In the computer room, when the operator enters the room we see an overhead shot and the room has a highly polished floor. We see the reflections of everything, but the operator doesn't notice the reflection Hunt would have made by hanging from the ceiling. It would be very noticeable on the floor even if he wasn't looking straight down - the reflection would be well within his field of view.

Correction: What a load of old dingo's kidneys. Normal human eyesight takes in much, much more that a few degrees straight ahead! Can you see the floor or ceiling when you are standing upright? Of course you can - it's called peripheral vision. Hunt would stand out like a dog's. Well, he'd be visible, put it that way.

Where you are focused on something, your peripheral vision severely reduces. Donlow was so focused on (and confused by) the knife stuck in the desk that he simply didn't take notice of any reflection.


We also have to remember that he's been puking his guts out. That right there can take every ounce of focus to get through your day. Plus as mentioned, the knife. He's wondering how a knife got into a secure vault. It doesn't take him long to figure out someone made a download, so he reports the breach.

Correction: You're assuming the operator would look at the floor. He simply didn't look down.

Corrected entry: In the computer room, when the man returns and Tom Cruise is being pulled back up, notice that the floor becomes reflective when the security system is deactivated. The camera angle just happens to hide the view of Tom's reflection on the floor.

Correction: It wouldn't matter if his reflection was in shot, because Eathan is so far up that his reflection wouldn't be noticable to the casual eye of the technician, unless he looked down at the floor(which he didn't).

Aaron Wilson

Corrected entry: When Ethan is hanging from the ceiling of the computer room suspended just above the floor he watches sweat build up on the corner of his glasses then drop. When he catches the drop he is seen to breath a sigh of relief, then there is a cut to Luther also breathing a sign of relief back in the control position. Luther would not have been able to see the drop build up on the glasses from a camera in the glasses.

Correction: No, he couldn't have seen the drop build up, but he could certainly have seen Ethan catch it, so a sigh of relief is quite reasonable.

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Corrected entry: Claire leaves the fire fighter uniform in the closet but is seen wearing it again in the truck while leaving.

Correction: We don't see Claire after she leaves the hall so she has all the time she needs to change back her clothes.

Nope. We see Claire leave the building in the red outfit carrying only a handkerchief over her face. She must have had another fireman's uniform in the truck.

Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise is talking to Krieger and the other guy on the train about breaking into Langley, he clearly states that any noise above a whisper would trigger the alarm system, but the noise he makes when he's getting pulled up from the room is much louder than a whisper.

Correction: The pulling up happens a split second after the technician has set off the alarm, so the noise detector is set off.

Corrected entry: When Hunt and Krieger are crawling around in the duct work to break into the computer room, the arm that removes the vent cover is visibly that of a black man. Both Hunt and Krieger are white.

Correction: Both Hunt and Krieger are wearing black gloves.

Regarding the correction - the original entry refers to the whole length of the arm - not the black glove covered hand. It does indeed look like a darker skin color arm, but it is most likely due to the poor lighting in that scene.

Factual error: The train is a French TGV, these do not operate in the UK (not to date anyway) The Channel Tunnel passenger train is the Eurostar.

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Eugene Kittridge: Hello, Max.
Max: My lawyers are going to have a field day with this. Entrapment, jurisdictional conflict.
Eugene Kittridge: Well, maybe we'll just leave the courts out of this one.
Max: I'm sure we can find something I have that you need.

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Trivia: The last major Hollywood film to be released on the Betamax video-tape format.

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Question: Did Ethan actually know it was a mole hunt to trap Jim, or was he oblivious until he worked it out at the train station?

Answer: Ethan never thought it was a mole hunt to trap Jim. He found out from Kittridge at the restaurant that it was a mole hunt, but Kittridge believes that Ethan is the mole (the money his parents mysteriously receive). At the station Ethan realises that Jim must be the mole since it is too convenient both he and his wife survived. However, the hunt to catch the mole was never directed at Jim - Kittridge never suspected him until at the end when he sees Jim alive.


Actually had suspicions before Jim showed up. Ethan found the Bible that was stamped from the Drake Hotel. Where Jim had literally just come back from before the mission. It made no sense otherwise why that would be in Jim's possession.

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