From Paris with Love

Corrected entry: When John Travolta's character is using the binoculars, he is looking through the wrong end.

Correction: No he isn't. They're just shaped weird because they're compact binoculars. Thicker in the middle for a better grip, they taper off around the lenses. The ends you look through have a uniform diameter, and that's the end he's got to his eyes.

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Corrected entry: The scene where Caroline escapes from the apartment is a very weak attempt to further the plot. Wax previously eradicated the entire staff of the Chinese restaurant, the gang in the alley, and a whole terrorist cell. I understand this was probably used to further the plot, but if he could single-handedly annihilate all of the previous foes, he should have easily been able to kill Caroline who was by herself after Wax shot and killed her partner at the dinner table.


Correction: He didn't kill her right away because he needed information from her first. What her target was, who she was working with, etc. Remember at every encounter (except the street gang) Wax kept one person alive to interrogate. He got distracted trying to prove to Reese that she was in fact a terrorist, handing over his gun in the process. Caroline opened fire with her own gun to cover her escape through the window. If Wax had his weapon, or if she hadn't had one, or if he'd even been close enough to disarm her, then yes Wax absolutely could have stopped her. But he didn't, she did, and he wasn't. So she very logically got away.

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