Message in a Bottle
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Garret Blake: You look nice.
Dodge Blake: Yeah, well it hurts.

Theresa Osborne: So you used to be charming. Sorry I missed that.

Garret Blake: Teresa, I don't want to lose you.
Theresa Osborne: Then don't.

Dodge Blake: Got your ticket?
Garret Blake: Of course I have my ticket. Got my name in all my underwear. And I got a quarter, for a phone call.

Dodge Blake: Jackets like that don't come along every week, ya know.

Dodge Blake: If I was about 150 years younger, you'd be in trouble, young lady.

Theresa Osborne: And you'll just forget about me, right?
Garret Blake: Every day.

Theresa Osborne: What if you got mad at me. It's a small boat.
Garret Blake: I don't like fighting, Theresa. Bowling either.

Continuity mistake: When he sends her the invitation for the christening, she opens and reads it and its on her desk when her boss walks in. When he's in, she picks it up and opens it again.

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