Paranormal Activity

Katie and Micah are a young couple living in a house together for three years time. After some strange things happen, Micah buys a very nice camera. He decides to set the camera up so that it films their room over night. Over time, they keep getting disturbing footage of some sort of paranormal activity. Katie says she has been haunted since she was little, so she thinks she has brought this entity. Katie starts to sleep walk with no remembrance of it. As it intensifies, they start to get completely freaked out, and it starts to harm their relationship. Katie wants the camera off but Micah thinks they need to continue getting the footage. They get a specialist on ghosts to come, and he says not to test or anger the entity. However, Micah continues to test it, which causes them to fight. They try to get an exorcist, who is out of town, so they resort back to the ghost specialist, who now says the presence is too strong, so he leaves. They eventually talk about staying somewhere else, but Katie soon changes her mind with a smile, tipping off some sort of possession inside of her. That night is when the real disaster happens. Will Katie get worse and do something tragic? And what will happen to Micah?

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