Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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One night in early October, Katie gets out of bed, stares and stands next to Micah and leaves the room. Some time later she screams, Micah wakes up and goes downstairs. Katie kills him (offscreen) and then throws him towards the camera. She sits down next to him and then suddenly rushes towards the camera. Some text on screen mentions that Micah was found by the police days later and Katie's whereabouts are unknown. Alternate endings: 1) Katie kills herself after killing Micah. 2) Katie returns to the bedroom (after killing Micah) with a knife and her clothes are stained with blood. She's in a catatonic state for a few days and her friend Amber calls the house. Some time later, the police go to the house and when they see Katie, they tell her to drop the knife. She doesn't let go of the knife, she's confused (and no longer possessed) and asking "Where's Micah?". A door slams shut and this startles the police officers and they accidentally kill Katie.

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