Men of Honour

Corrected entry: The aide is first referred to as "Lieutenant Hanks" by the ship's captain. Then, he's shown wearing rank insignia of a single silver bar on his collar. In the US Navy, that's the rank of an Ensign. As a lieutenant in the Navy, he should be wearing two joined silver bars (same as an Army Captain). (00:16:25)

Correction: Ensign is a single gold bar. A single silver bar is Lieutenant Junior Grade.


Corrected entry: During the bar scene (at the Moor Bar)...Cuba Gooding and Robert DeNiro challenge each other to holding their breaths in Mark V diving helmets filled with water. The Mark V diving helmet is not designed to hold water in like that. The water being put into the helmet would rush out all over their shoulders. You would need a neck-dam to accomplish that feat. Mark V's were never made with one. Only the newer helmets such as the Miller, the Superlite 17 or the Superlite 27's have them.

Correction: Yes, but they didn't run back to the base and grab helmets, they were already at the bar. Obviously it's a bar frequented by divers and the helmets have been modified for this contest.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Cuba Gooding plays a Boatswain's Mate, but wearing his rate on his left sleeve. Boatswain's Mate was a "right arm" rate; the emblem should have been worn on his right sleeve.

Correction: Depends on the time frame. The badge was moved to the left arm in 1949. Thereafter, there were no more right arm rates in the USN.

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