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Visible crew/equipment: When Dodd pulls in behind Leonard in the alley the crew is reflected in his SUV. (00:53:00)

Visible crew/equipment: Teddy, Leonard and Jimmy leave Jimmy's motel room and Leonard tells Teddy, "Take your own car." In the next shot as Teddy reaches for his door, a crew member, plus another one under his arm/elbow, are very clearly visible in the door mirror. Then as Teddy closes the door a crew member's face is seen on the left, in that mirror. (00:44:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: As Leonard stands in the bathroom looking at Dodd, unconscious on the floor after the two fought, visible in the reflection of the mirror behind him is a dark haired crew member with a blue shirt. It's in the same shot as the housekeeping woman that knocks. (00:47:15)

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