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Corrected entry: When Laurie is talking to her therapist, she says that it's her fault because of what happened to Annie in part one. Yet she doesn't know she's Michael's sister at that point in the movie yet. It's after she reads Loomis's book that she finds everything out.


Correction: Laurie feels it's her fault because Annie was supposed to be babysitting the little girl. Instead she let Annie bring the girl to her house so Annie and her boyfriend can fool around. So Laurie is blaming herself.

Corrected entry: At the end of Halloween (2007) Michael Myers does not have a beard. At the beginning of Halloween 2 (2009) after Michael cuts off the guys' head in the van and is standing in the middle of the street you can see his beard coming out of the bottom of his mask. Even though it was the same night.


Correction: That is his hair that is sticking out the mask because he had long hair in the previous movie and the hair is straight and when you see his beard it isn't.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, when the ambulance hits the cow, the front of the ambulance is completely smashed in and it has stop. When the lone survivor is moving and coughing up blood there is music playing from the radio, which is impossible because there is no power in the ambulance to keep the radio on.


Correction: Not necessarily. As long as the battery is providing power to the radio, it can work. Just because the ambulance has stopped does not mean the battery was damaged. The engine can stall, the ecu can be damaged by impact not allowing the vehicle to restart, but the radio is generally on a separate circuit. As long as there is power to the radio, it'll work.


Corrected entry: In the remake story Michael is 10 years old when he kills his family, year is 1963. He escapes 16 years later, therefore 1979. The sequel is set 2 years after, 1981. When it shows Dr Loomis in his hotel room he has a huge flat screen TV on the wall which didn't exist back then.

Correction: There is NEVER a time line given in Zombie's Halloween films, he wanted Michael's childhood to feel 70's but it obviously wasn't, and couldn't be set in the 60's because Michael was listening to KISS, and wearing a KISS shirt. The second part of Halloween [2007] with Laurie takes place in modern day 2007, while Halloween 2 takes place in 2009.

Corrected entry: When Laurie is reading Loomis' book in her car and starts throwing it around it is a paperback. The book was just released that day. Major book releases (as this one is greatly alluded to in the film as being such) would not have a paperback edition until months later.

Correction: She is not actually reading a paperback book it is the book cover that falls off.

Corrected entry: Wasn't Loomis in California when he did the Tonight show? Then he saw Haddonfield on the news and was in Illinois.

Correction: As neither Jay Leno nor Conan O'Brien appear as the host of the talk show Loomis appears on, we can safely say that it's not the Tonight Show, and therefore cannot say with any certainty that the show he did appear on was not filmed in or near Haddonfield.

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