The Time Traveler's Wife

Some time after his daughter Alba's 5th birthday, Henry (Eric Bana) at age 43, spends time with his wife Clare (Rachel McAdams) and his friends one last time and says good-bye, knowing that he's going to die soon. Alba told him that he would die after her 5th birthday when he traveled to the future (and Alba was 10 years old). After saying goodbye, Henry once again travels to the forest near Clare's childhood home and he's accidentally shot by a hunter; he then travels back to his home where his wife and friends are and dies. In the future, when his daughter Alba is 9 years old, Henry (at age 38) travels to Clare's childhood home once again and he's greeted by Alba. Clare and Henry embrace one another and say good-bye before Henry travels again. Clare and Alba stand near the forest with Henry's clothes, happy to have seen him again, and waiting for the next time he arrives...

Racer X

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