District 9

District 9 (2009)

Ending / spoiler

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Wikus and Christopher steal the alien fuel from MNU and escape. As Christopher and his son prepare to fly to the mothership and leave Earth, Chris lets it slip to Wikus that curing his alien mutation will take 3 years. Wikus gets pissed and knocks out Chris. Wikus tries to fly away in the alien dropship, but is shot down by MNU. Chris and Wikus are captured by MNU, but the convoy is attacked by Nigerien gangsters. Wikus is captured and the Nigerien gang boss tries to kill him. Just then, Christopher's son activates all alien technology, including the mothership. An alien robot comes to life and kills all the gangsters. Wikus gets in the robot and frees Chris. Wikus stays behind to hold off the MNU soldiers while Chris and his son get to the mothership. Chris leaves, but not before promising Wikus that he will return in 3 years to cure him. Chris and his son get to the mothership and leave the planet. Wikus is injured and is forced to get out of the alien robot. Koobus comes to kill Wikus, but is ripped apart by other aliens. Final interviews with MNU employees reveal that there is no way of knowing whether or not Christopher will return and if he does, whether or not he will declare war on humans. One of Wikus' co-workers stumbles upon files of MNU's illegal alien experimentation, exposes it, and is arrested for his troubles. District 9 is demolished and all the aliens are moved to District 10, which holds 2.5 million aliens and counting. Nobody knows what happened to Wikus. Many theories say that he was captured by MNU or another government and is being held hostage. A final interview with Wikus' wife reveals that a rose made from scrap metal was found on her doorstep. Wikus' wife says that she knows Wikus left it for her. The last shot of the movie is an alien making the exact same rose.


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