Alice in Wonderland

Corrected entry: When the Red Queen and "Um" are sitting in the throne room, it appears the Queen's blue make-up and eyebrows are faded. I'm guessing the blue and the eyebrows are meant to be part of the character's actual face and not fade.


Correction: That guess would miss the mark then. It's eye shadow and eyebrow pencil even within the context of the film. Her whole face is made up.

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Corrected entry: In the tea party when the Hatter gives Alice a potion to shrink she gulps and refuses more. Right after that, in the next shot, she continues to cough even though her lips don't move.


Correction: Coughs come from the throat and don't require any movement of the lips; it's very easy to cough even with your mouth closed.

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Corrected entry: When Alice has fallen through the rabbit hole she bursts through the ground and lands on the ceiling. Then she drops back to the ground and the hole she came through is completely gone.


Correction: That's Underland. Animals talk, fly, dematerialize. Food and drink makes you grow and shrink. I should think a self repairing hole in the floor in a room that exists as a barrier between dimensions wouldn't seem so out of the ordinary. It's not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Alice is having a flashback of her memory, she is shown as a little girl, but she still has her blue dress and white apron on. If she was there talking to the cheshire cat, she would have to be very much smaller than her real height so her dress would be too big for her to wear, as shown when future Alice grows too big/small for her clothes.


Correction: She could have had a similar dress when she was small. This is a deliberate mistake at worst, and a coincedence at best.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we first see Stayne he is wearing a black heart eye patch, but for the rest of the movie it is red.

Correction: Either a trick of the lighting, as it was a very dark red, or he simply has more than one eyepatch. Either way, it's not a mistake unless the patch actually changes between cuts in the same scene.

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Corrected entry: When the mouse removes the Bantersnatch's eye and a day later, Alice steals it she gives it back to the Bantersnatch and it puts it back in. Since the eyeballs are the first to rot it wouldn't be possible for the creature to see with it, nor for the eyeball to look fine.


Correction: This is a fantasy. Rabbits don't talk, cats don't float in the air and disappear, and so much more. Suspension of disbelief is required, as what happens in Wonderland is fanciful and doesn't follow our laws of physics.


Corrected entry: The film is set in England in the latter years of the Victorian era, which ended with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. Alice and her father both use the word "bonkers." According to Webster's New World Dictionary, that word was not in use until 1945-50.

Correction: As an English BA I can say it is entirely possible that the word bonkers was in conversational use long before it was put down in writing (which would be a requisite for the dictionary citation), as many words take a long time to slip into literary consciousness/approval, especially with the expectation to follow Standard English back in that period. Given that Alice's father is shown as a maverick, it is likely that he would use such unusual words in conversation.

Corrected entry: Alice's size in comparison to the other characters in the beginning of the movie changes constantly, without her drinking or eating anything.


Correction: Please provide something more specific. It is several minutes into the movie before she falls down the hole, so "in the beginning of the movie" she's just interacting with other humans. Where does her size change in relation to other characters?

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Corrected entry: Alice commented that the scratches gained from the Bandersnatch were "fully healed", and when she was fighting the Jabberwocky, no scratches appeared on her arm. However, when she comes back from the rabbit hole, she still has the scratches on her arm.


Correction: Her upper arm is covered by the armor throughout the battle with the Jabberwocky. It is not possible to see the part of her arm where the Bandersnatch scratched her.

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Corrected entry: When the Queen of Hearts is first introduced she is seen walking across her chambers. As she walks her heels are heard clicking on the hard floor, but she then walks onto the red carpet and her heels are still clicking.

Correction: I have a pair of men's shoes that make a clicking sound even on thin carpeting. I actually get a lot of grief from my friends over it...

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Corrected entry: After Alice leaves Wonderland and talks to people at the party, she is wearing everything that she wore before entering Wonderland except for her mother's necklace, that her mother gave her at the beginning of the movie.

Correction: Obviously lost it somewhere in Wonderland, or it may even turn up as a deleted scene on DVD - maybe she gave it to someone. Not a continuity error.

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Corrected entry: Alice claims in the film that her arm has healed, but when she comes back up the rabbit hole, her arm is still scratched. Later, when she is in the study, her arm is once again not only scratched but it also appears even more injured and inflamed.

Correction: She never claimed it was healed, but the saliva from the Bandersnatch stopped the infection and began the healing process. The wounds were still healing - still a bit red but not infected anymore - when she returned from Underland.

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Corrected entry: In the opening scene, Alice's father talks about opening a trading post in Jakarta. Jakarta was known as Batavia until 1942.


Correction: As is absolutely standard with historically-set movies, present day language, names and forth are being used in order to be comprehensible to the modern viewer. This is a standard movie convention and is not considered to be a mistake.

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