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Corrected entry: If the agents can jump into the body of anyone in the Matrix, why didn't Agent Smith jump into the body of one of the cops who try to capture Trinity at the start? He is told there are cops up there before she takes them out, if he had jumped straight away he would have had her trapped.


Correction: This is a time layover in the movie. He is told about the cops probably the moment they die, we just don't see it that way. In fact, given his comment about them already being dead, it's possible that he already tried to take one of them over but couldn't.


Corrected entry: When the gang are running up the stairs in the apartment block and Neo notices a cat twice and claims deja vu, i noticed that the cat walks over a red carpet in the first two shots but when there is a closeup of Neo and he is pointing toward the entrance the carpet is gone.

Correction: The carpet is still there, its on the very edge of the screen. Its just a higher angle shot from up the stairs a bit so you see more of the floorboards in front of the doorway.

Corrected entry: As Neo hangs on the ledge of the building trying to reach the scaffolding, he drops his cell phone. Watch the metal part he grabs on to. It bends back and forth against his weight. (00:16:00)

Correction: Often when high-rise, modern design buildings are made, some hollow metal (or plastic) structures are added for cosmetic effect (Perhaps the giant wording on the side of the building for Neo's computer company was such a structure). This would explain the structure bending with Neo's weight.

Corrected entry: How come Neo doesn't hit Morpheus when he's firing that machine gun all over the place?

Correction: Because Neo's the One, so can control the gun accurately enough.

Corrected entry: Security building scene - as Neo runs he is shown from a side view and the columns are shatering with bullet holes but there isn't one single bullet impact on the wall behind him. The wall is crystal clear.

Correction: There are various holes and chips out of the back wall, generally behind Neo - it's just hard to tell because of all the dust.

Corrected entry: Those pillars that got shot up when Neo and Trinity get into a shootout in the government building where Morpheus is held sure heal fast - they're fine when they show the elevator crashing to the ground later and flames pour out around pillars that are brand new.

Correction: When the doors of the elevator are closing, three pillars on the right side are not damaged. This are the pillars you can see during the explosion. The pillars on the left also can be seen, but they are damaged correctly.

Corrected entry: When Tank has been shot there is a scene where he is bringing Trinity out of the matrix. When he pulls the plug out of Trinity's head he doesn't have a hole in his side, but when Trinity looks down at his chest he has the burn there.

Correction: It is there, just in shadow - you can see the blood reflecting dimly in places.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Neo is dodging the agents by running through the cubicles into an empty bathroom, he runs into/by a guy at the copy machine. How come the agents didn't "see" Neo through the copy machine guy?

Correction: They weren't looking. They didn't think he would be able to hide so there was no reason to look through others.

Corrected entry: When they strap Neo into the chair for the first time to send him to the loading program, they strap his feet down with metal cuffs. When he bolts out of the chair, he is not held down by the cuffs.

Correction: They seem to be foot clips rather than major restraints, to prevent casual slippage. When he comes out of the construct and the brain spike's removed, there's another metal clunking noise which could be him kicking his way out of the clips.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo receives the mobile phone in the Fed Ex package, the phone that slides out is a Nokia 8110. When the phone rings he holds it to his ear and presses the button to extend the flap, this feature is on the Nokia 7110 only. The 8110 cover flap does slide down but only manually.

Correction: It is possible to get one that extends automatically - whether a new cover or an adjustment, I don't know.

Corrected entry: When Neo is in the ship and they are all at the table eating, the food is described to him as a "single-celled protein..." This is a nonsense statement, single-celled is not an applicable description of a protein.

Correction: Actually, "single cell protein" (which is what I hear them saying on the soundtrack) is a perfectly legitimate nutritional term. It refers to protein extracted from single-celled life, usually yeast grown in vats. The protein itself is not much different from any other dietary protein, but growing it in a vat may make it cheap or convenient, especially on a spacecraft or in a similar futuristic setting. Right now it's mostly used for animal feed.

Corrected entry: If you look carefully at the scene where Neo bursts in room 303 and gets shot by the agent, you can see that there is already blood on the wall before Neo bumps against it.

Correction: It's caused by the exit wound from the first shot.

Corrected entry: How come when Cypher is making the deal with Agent Smith, no one else can see him in the Matrix? (Tank and Trinity can watch Neo during the last fight scene.)

Correction: Cypher makes the deal with Agent Smith while the rest of the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar are asleep - this is fairly obvious since the previous scene ends with Cypher wishing Neo 'sweet dreams'. The directors have said that when Neo disturbs Cypher (and Cypher suspiciously switches off most of the monitors) he's setting up an automated system to jack him in and out of the matrix. We don't know exactly how that would work, but then again we don't have to...

Corrected entry: When Neo is pinwheeling his arms to avoid hitting the passing subway train, frame advance reveals the train to be completely devoid of passengers. But when the train stops and Agent Smith emerges from the back door, several people can be clearly seen sitting in the train.

Correction: Frame advance reveals the train to be completely devoid of passengers in the first couple of cars, yes. The passenger-filled cars are near the end of the subway train, which hadn't arrived in the station yet. By the time the train actually stops, the cars that are actually in the station area are the ones that have passengers in them. In other words, the empty cars in the "pinwheeling" shot are not the same ones that are stopped in the station when Agent Smith exits the train.

Corrected entry: In the rooftop shootout the agent has lightning reactions which enable him to dodge Neo's bullets. However, despite having the entire time that it takes Trinity to say "Dodge this", he is unable to react quickly enough to escape being shot. (01:42:20)

Correction: The agents can dodge bullets because the bullets have to follow a pre-set pattern, being programs within the Matrix, so the agents can predict them. Human actions (punches, kicks, sword strikes, etc.) can't be predicted, so the agents, being limited by their programming, can't necessarily react fast enough.

Corrected entry: I like how in the movie the agents continue to use one hand to shoot .50AE desert eagles and there being very little recoil. I shot one of these guns before at a gun range and I'm no weak guy even with two hands the gun had a wicked recoil.

Correction: The agents know they are within the matrix and are able to "bend" the rules. Note the super-human strength and agility. A little thing like the recoil of a handgun is not going to bother them.

Corrected entry: When Trinity removes the bug from Neo, you can see that the bug is still in its "activated" form and that it is covered in flesh and blood. Trinity immediately throws the bug out the window - the bug is now in its "deactivated" mode and completely clean. (00:24:51)

Correction: The bug only seems to be "alive" to Neo, but is in fact steel and glass. The Matrix makes him see it as a living creature, but once it is out of his sight and out onto the pavement, the bug takes its true form - steel and glass.

Corrected entry: We see Agent Smith shoot at the phone booth to destroy the handset just as Trinity left the Matrix. During the fight scene with Agent Smith, you catch a glimps of the phone booth glass, and it is intact.


Correction: The only clear shot we get of the phone booth is just before Neo's running/jumping multi-kick to Smith's chest, and there's a clear bullet hole through the glass.

Corrected entry: During the shooting scene in the federal building, the camera cuts to a view right behind some guards legs. Neo comes cartwheeling around a pillar and starts shooting. If you slow it down, one of the guards starts falling as if he was shot before Neo even starts shooting at them.

Correction: Before the gun comes into shot, there's a flash offscreen - we can assume he's firing almost as soon as he grabs the gun.

Corrected entry: Tank brings up a schematic on a computer screen that says "eleventh floor," but the Agents trace Morpheus' call and say that they are on the eighth floor.

Correction: Tank's looking for information about the building and is trying to find the 'main wet wall' as Morpheus has asked. As this wall runs up the entire building it's immaterial which level's floor plan he looks at to get the information.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Neo is going to open the door to enter the Oracle's house, you can clearly see a camera on the doorknob. There's a sheet over it painted to look like the wall behind it, with a representation of Morpheus' tie too, because he's blocked by the camera. (01:07:40)

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Trivia: In the entire film, there are only two "homegrown", real humans - Tank and Dozer. They both have names of machines.

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