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Corrected entry: Revolving bullet-time scene with Neo and Agent Smith in the train station. Note the speed they are turning and that of the bullets leaving the gun is identical. This would imply when played in 'real-time' they are moving at the same velocity of the bullets. The bullets should (obviously) be moving at a faster speed.

Paul Andrews

Correction: But they aren't spinning, only our view of the shot is rotating.


Corrected entry: In the rooftop scene after Trinity kills the agent and helps Neo to his feet, the helicopter is visible, and there is no chain gun mounted in the doorway. (01:42:45)

Correction: This is because the chain gun is mounted to a sliding 'bridge' unit. If you notice when Neo is firing the chain gun, he is a good 3 or 4 feet outside the helicopter, which indicates the chaingun was a good ways inside the helicopter in that shot.


Corrected entry: Fact 1: Anyone who is still a part of the Matrix is a potential host for an Agent. Fact 2: Agents can see though the eyes of any "matrixed" human (ex. Agent Smith saw what the subway bum saw). Fact 3: The Agents knew that Morpheus would contact Neo. Taking these facts into consideration, why did the Agents have to plant a homing bug on Neo? They knew that Morpheus wanted to contact Neo so why not just monitor everything that Neo saw, wait until he met up with Morpheus and then take over Neo's body and grab Morpheus for questioning.

Correction: This argument could really be made for everyone that has gotten out of the Matrix, not just Neo, so the only explanation would be that Agents can only take over the bodies of those people who have accepted the program, indeed are dependent on it. By the time agents become aware of people within the matrix who are close to escape, those people are starting to reject the program enough that the agents can't take them over.

Corrected entry: When Neo slams into the fire escape door he is on the outside pushing in. Fire escape doors swing out not in. (02:02:00)

unkajes Premium member

Correction: I think it's safe to say that Neo is strong enough to break through a fire door.

Corrected entry: The agents are all computer programs and are good shots, but when Neo dodges the bullets, the first of the agent's shots is well out to his left.

Correction: The Agent was likely thrown off by seeing a human move so fast for the first time and was perhaps trying to compensate for Neo's dodging. At any rate, the assumption that the Agents are perfect shots is unfounded since they rarely hit their targets on the first shot if ever when firing at humans. Finally, Neo could have been moving in such a contorted way that the bullet only appeared to be off target.

Corrected entry: In the lobby scene, Trinity runs up behind a guy and kicks the shotgun he is holding behind him and shoots him in the back. The guy is not wearing any armor. At that range, the buckshot from a 12 gauge round would go right through the guy like butter. (01:43:00)

Correction: Military and police and guard shotguns do not use buck shot they use slugs - the slug could have ricocheted off of his breastbone causing it to go up into him or down into his stomach.

Corrected entry: Exactly how did Cypher get into the Matrix to make his deal with Agent Smith? There is no way Cypher could have plugged the cable into the back of his head while being strapped into the chair, and also reached behind the chair to press the load button on the computer.

Correction: In the previous scene, when Neo disturbs Cypher and he switches off the montiors, the directors have stated he was setting up an automated system to jack him into and out of the Matrix without an operator.


Corrected entry: In the subway fight when Smith and Neo remark about each other being empty,they spin back and you hear the clank of them dropping their guns. But when they are standing, they have their guns back and then throw them away again. (01:50:20)

Correction: The clank you hear is the magazines falling out of the guns, not the guns being dropped.

Corrected entry: When Neo is being brought out of his workplace by the agents, there are the three agents walking with him. However, when they show the scene in the side mirror of Trinity's bike, Agent Smith cannot be seen but the other two agents can (you can see it if you freezeframe the DVD). (00:16:05)

Correction: Actually, all the agents can be seen in the mirror - Smith is just almost entirely obscured behind one of the others.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo and Trinity kiss at the end of the movie Neo is still plugged in but when he moves his head up there is no plug attached, there is just an open space and there wasn't enough time to unplug him.

Correction: Neo is unplugged. Why would Morpheus trigger the EMP if Neo was still in the Matrix? Trinity shouts "Now." as she unplugs Neo so Morpheus knows that Neo is safe and the EMP can be triggered.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cypher is making a deal with Agent Smith, he picks up a lit cigar and then lights it again. You can see the smoke and everything.

Correction: Large cigars have a habit of putting themselves out so the smoker must frequently re-light them.

Corrected entry: If the machines know about the Human Resistance, why, oh why do they not kill humans that awaken rather than let them fall down the drain?

Correction: They knew about the resistance (as evidenced in Matrix Reloaded), but both expected it and needed it. And as they say in the second one, it has never succeeded fully before so what did the machines care.

Corrected entry: Around the beginning of the movie, Neo is late for work. You can tell that he's late because he curses at himself. Why would his alarm clock go off at a time when he's late? Surely he wouldn't set his alarm clock to a time when he's late for work?

Correction: If Neo is like me, it is because he set the alarm late for Sunday morning then forgot to set it early again on Sunday evening ready to get up bright and early on Monday morning.


Corrected entry: After the Lobby scene in the Government building, Neo and Trinity enter the elevator and the pillars are shown falling to pieces. Where are the dead/unconscious guards?

Correction: All of the guards are laying down dead at the sides of the lobby.


Correction: They are all going down inside the wet wall, but all at different levels. Neo is at the same level as the Agent, while Morpheus is a few feet above him. He punches through the wall and doesn't jump but falls onto the Agent.


Corrected entry: When Neo wakes up on Nebucadnezzar, Morpheus tells him 'You belive it's the year 1999 ...', but in the very first scene when Trinity makes her trapped phonecall, you see it is '2-19-98'.

Correction: I thought the same thing at first. However, there is no mention in the movie as to how long the crew watched Neo until they unplugged him. The agents didn't start looking for him until that first night, and had time to collect a rather large file on him. Also, at the end of the movie when Neo makes his phone call, the trace programs date is shown as 9-18-99, making appear as though they watched Neo for well over a year before unplugging him.

Corrected entry: Morpheus tells Neo that they don't release people after a certain age, but he did it because Neo is the one. However, later we find out that Cypher has been out of the Matrix for 9 years. This is hard to understand because Cypher is at least 10 years older than Neo. Why then did they release Cypher, if he also was past the certain age?

Correction: The "certain age" rule could have been put in place only in the past 2 years or so.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If the agents can jump into the body of anyone in the Matrix, why didn't Agent Smith jump into the body of one of the cops who try to capture Trinity at the start? He is told there are cops up there before she takes them out, if he had jumped straight away he would have had her trapped.


Correction: This is a time layover in the movie. He is told about the cops probably the moment they die, we just don't see it that way. In fact, given his comment about them already being dead, it's possible that he already tried to take one of them over but couldn't.


Corrected entry: When the gang are running up the stairs in the apartment block and Neo notices a cat twice and claims deja vu, i noticed that the cat walks over a red carpet in the first two shots but when there is a closeup of Neo and he is pointing toward the entrance the carpet is gone.

Correction: The carpet is still there, its on the very edge of the screen. Its just a higher angle shot from up the stairs a bit so you see more of the floorboards in front of the doorway.

Corrected entry: As Neo hangs on the ledge of the building trying to reach the scaffolding, he drops his cell phone. Watch the metal part he grabs on to. It bends back and forth against his weight. (00:16:00)

Correction: Often when high-rise, modern design buildings are made, some hollow metal (or plastic) structures are added for cosmetic effect (Perhaps the giant wording on the side of the building for Neo's computer company was such a structure). This would explain the structure bending with Neo's weight.

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Continuity mistake: When Agent Smith is interrogating Neo, after Smith has sealed Neo's mouth shut and he is backed into the corner, when the camera cuts back to Smith you can clearly see a reflection in his glasses of Neo still sitting down in the chair. (00:19:50)

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Morpheus: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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Trivia: Due to the popularity of the film, Carrie-Ann Moss stated that it is impossible for her to go out wearing sunglasses because she is so easily recognizable - her character Trinity constantly wears sunglasses in the film.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Question: I get that people in the matrix, who have not been freed, are not ready to be freed, and I know at one point when Morpheus is explaining the matrix to Neo (I believe during the woman in the red dress test) he says something along the lines of: The matrix is a system, that system is our enemy. The matrix is filled with minds we are trying to save, but until we do they are still part of that system and that makes them our enemies. Many of them are so dependent on that system they will fight to defend it.- I am paraphrasing, but it is something like that. As I'm sure everyone knows he also says "The body cannot live without the mind." And therefore if you die in the matrix you die in the 'real' world. My question is, do they ever address the ethical questions that could arise from the fact that they kill mind after mind of police officers, SWAT teams, security guards, innocent humans just doing their jobs? I understand that sometimes it may be necessary, and that Neo doesn't have much choice but to fight agents and kill their hosts at times. But things like Mouse, knowing he is going to die so he grabs machine guns and takes out as many people as he can. Or when Neo and Trinity, on their way to save Morpheus, cover them selves in guns and take out that whole building of guards and pretty much end up with one gun each. The guards were completely prepared to let them enter the building freely if they passed the metal detector, could they not have went empty handed and just taken out two guards later, and used their weapons? It just seems like a pretty bad way to go about a mission to save people. Unless perhaps I missed a speech about sacrificing some minds for the cause or the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few type deal. Just wondering if that is ever addressed.


Chosen answer: No, they don't address it, other than Morpheus' speech during the test. It's not something that they have any realistic choice about, so they just have to accept it and do what they need to do. Mouse, yes, he chooses to defend himself when cornered, but who wouldn't? These may be innocent victims of the Matrix he's shooting at, but they're still there to kill him - he's hardly going to stand there and accept his fate meekly. There's also no indication that the guards were "completely prepared" to let Neo and Trinity into what's clearly a high security building, undoubtedly they would have been asked for identification, what their purpose was there and so forth and turned away if, as seems likely, their answers weren't satisfactory. Shooting their way in from the start is likely their only option. Yes, it's absolutely ethically unfortunate, but if they're going to resist the machines successfully, it's not something they have any choice about. A necessary evil.

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