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Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry Wormwood is at his car dealership he uses a two way drill to turn back the numbers on the odometer. However, he tells his son to watch the speedometer.

Correction: Harry is hardly the most intelligent person, is he. This is more of a character mistake reflecting Harry's knowledge, than a movie mistake.

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Correction: The odometer readout is built into the speedometer dial. If Harry's son watches the speedometer as Harry told him, he will see the mileage being turned back.

Corrected entry: Amanda loses her glasses when she is being slung around. Then, when she is up in the air, they are back on.

Correction: It does seem logical for her to lose her glasses but I watched a couple of times her glasses stay on the entire time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where young Matilda is at the library, she says "that would be wonderful". You can hear that it's really the older Matilda's voice.

Correction: That was intentional. It was to add to the effect of Matilda growing.

Corrected entry: When Miss Trunchbull notices that the chocolate box lid isn't on, the lid is at a different angle to when Miss Honey put it on the box.

Correction: The angle of the lid on the chocolate box isn't different, the original shot with Miss Honey putting it back on is from the opposite side of the chocolate box.

Corrected entry: When Matilda and her family are in the living room all watching TV you can see the mother is not wearing sunglasses and then she is, and why would she be wearing them anyway?

Correction: In the TV scene she clearly puts her sunglasses on, they don't just "appear." The reason why she wears them isn't clear, but the family sure is weird, and the fact she wears sunglasses isn't a mistake, as the sunglasses are obviously meant to be worn by her, because they are so blatant.

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Corrected entry: When Bruce Bogtrotter is eating the chocolate cake, the amount of cake left changes constantly from shot to shot.

Correction: It's supposed to. They're showing how much cake he had eaten over time.

Corrected entry: In the first scene of Matilda as a baby, you can see her eyes are brown. In the rest of the movie they are blue/green.

Correction: Babies' eyes when they are born do not look the same when they get older. For example, in the picture of me when I was first born my eyes were light blue - now they're hazel green.

Corrected entry: After the Trunchbull has left, after the newt incident, Lavender says "thanks for not telling" Or whatever, Matilda says "best friends dont tell." But how did Matilda know that she put the newt into the jug, she was in the Chokey?

Correction: Matilda and friends gave Lavender the newt, and she recognised the newt. She must have known, then, it was Lavender who was moving the newt around.

Corrected entry: When Matilda is home alone she makes some pancakes. When she flips over the first one it looks really dark, but when she brings them over to the table they look a lot lighter.

Correction: One side is dark, one side is light- it's natural for pancakes. If you watch carefully, you can see the light side show when she flips the pancake.

Corrected entry: When Matilda gets interested in reading, she looks up the address for a library in the phone book. Her finger runs down the page to a line that says 'Children's Library'. In the next scene, you see her walking to the library. When she goes up to the front desk she asks, 'Where's the children's section please?' and the lady shows her the way. There would be no 'Children's section' because the whole library would be full of children's books.

Correction: It says Children's Library, but it's part of the Public Library. The children's section has it's own phone number. If you wanted a children's book you would call the Children's Library.

Continuity mistake: When Harry puts Million Dollar Sticky on the TV, between shots Zinnia puts her sunglasses on twice. (00:18:45)

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Agatha Trunchbull: You wanted cake, you got cake! Now EAT IT.

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Answer: He has been receiving and selling stolen car parts.

Answer: It is a federal violation to own/operate a "chop shop." Other possibilities include interstate transport of stolen vehicles or car parts, altering Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), and falsifying documents. After a VIN is altered, it is difficult to positively identify the vehicle as stolen and acquire the necessary evidence to get a conviction if goes to trial. But it is the interstate aspect that makes the FBI the key investigators.


Answer: He had stolen car parts.

Plus he had been putting the mileage back on the cars and simply running an illegal call lot.

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