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Corrected entry: When Dorian is the Mask, he gets shot exactly 8 times, but he spits 15 bullets.

Correction: He is shot more than 8 times. The other guy's men (sorry, I don't know his name) are also shooting at him. True, the other guy shoots him 8 times, but we don't know how many times his men shoot him.

Correction: Because Dorian was wearing the mask, he can fire off as many bullets as he wants without ever needing to stop at a certain point.

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Mask is flushing Dorian down the pool, the water is swirling the wrong direction for where they live.

Correction: It's a myth that the Coriolis force has a significant effect on the direction that water swirls down a drain. You would have to drain a small ocean to see the effect. See

J I Cohen

Revealing mistake: When The Mask is dancing with Tina and he turns her into a human tornado while spinning her around, none of the onlookers in the crowd show the slightest bit of amazement at the impossible feat that just occurred in front of them, indicating that the extras were not directed to react to the special effects.

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The Mask: Our love is like a red, red rose... And I am a little thorny.

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Trivia: The set of the italian's garage where Ipkiss has his car repairing is the same building as the Ghostbusters' headquarters (from the "Director Commentaries" in the DVD).

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