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Corrected entry: When Dorian is the Mask, he gets shot exactly 8 times, but he spits 15 bullets.

Correction: He is shot more than 8 times. The other guy's men (sorry, I don't know his name) are also shooting at him. True, the other guy shoots him 8 times, but we don't know how many times his men shoot him.

Correction: Because Dorian was wearing the mask, he can fire off as many bullets as he wants without ever needing to stop at a certain point.

Corrected entry: When Ipkiss escapes from jail, he handcuffs himself to the cop. While he is driving to the club, you can see that they are no longer handcuffed. It's a pretty big mistake considering that the cop says "get these handcuffs off of me" when you can see that they aren't on him.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: It is probably because he handcuffed him to part of the car, not to himself.

Revealing mistake: When Kellaway shows up at Stanley's apartment to question him about his pajamas and Stanley scrambles to stuff all the stolen bank money into his closet, you can see that a few of the bills are blank on the back side, revealing that the money is a fake movie prop.

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The Mask: Our love is like a red, red rose... And I am a little thorny.

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Trivia: When Stanley, as the Mask, is emptying his pockets for the goons, he pulls out a condom, and says "Sorry, wrong pocket" - this was improvised on the spot by Jim Carrey for the scene.


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Question: The question of the car braking is to why is the car actually braking. I understand why it makes a screeching noise as the car brakes, but what I don't understand is why a car would brake automatically. I mean, you have to push the brake pedal to operate the brakes, cars don't brake automatically. When Stanly is driving the car, there wouldn't be a need for him to accelerate and brake like that, so why does the car keep braking?


Chosen answer: It's an old car, so obviously a numbr of things could be wrong with it, like the clutch or the engine. Faults with either of these things would cause a car to brake in this way.

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