Other mistake: After the scene where we learn that the female with braids is named Sandra, her head explodes and Kable's face and hair are splattered with brain pieces, one second later he only has blood on his face.

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Other mistake: Assuming we buy that Kable can run the truck on Vodka with no modifications, the bottle he drank from wasn't particularly big, and the truck wouldn't have run as long as it did on the paltry amount he was able to get into the tank. By virtue of the truck moving around so violently would mean the Vodka would be sloshed around the tank and the fuel pump would be incapable of extracting it. Fuel tanks typically need a minimum amount of fuel just to ensure the fuel pump has something to run on, and that bottle isn't going to achieve that, no matter what fictional future technology you can dream up in lieu of what's onscreen.

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Simon: I just play games, man. Games.
Humanz Brother: That's right. It is a game. You want to win it, don't you?
Simon: Yeah, I intend to.
Humanz Brother: Well then you need to cut your strings, puppet master. Imagine a Slayer who don't got to wait to be told what to do. No ping, ya dig?



After the interview, in a 3/4 back shot, we see Castle putting a lollipop in his mouth. The shot instantly changes to him kissing the host's hand - no lollipop in sight anywhere. It then changes back to the original shot with the lollipop in his mouth.