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Corrected entry: In the scene at the bank, twice Michael looks at his sister with a surprised and disgusted look on his face. They are the same shot.

Correction: How can you be so sure? It's not like in real life he couldn't look at his sister with the same face. People can keep the same look on their face for a long time, even if they don't intend to.

Corrected entry: When the children have had a scare at the bank with their father, they run away and end up running into Bert, who is being a chimney sweeper. They go back to the house and it is daylight. Then the children get sucked up the chimney and it is night time. They all go for their walk on the rooftops and it is night time, but when they return and the mother arrives home it is daytime again.

Correction: When the rooftop sequence starts it is sunset and then turns into night. When everyone goes back into the house from the roof, the mother just shows up at the door, you never see the outside again until the sweepers leave and it is still night.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Mary Poppins is moving in and taking the hat rack, plant, lamp, etc out of her carpet bag, when she takes out the hat stand you can visibly see the shadow of a crew member to the far right of the picture.

Correction: That's Michael's shadow.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when we first see Admiral Boom's house, we see that the Banks house right next store is also a 2 story home. However, the children's nursery is on the third floor (up 2 flights of stairs). There is no third floor.

Correction: You see later on in the movie that when they go up to the first floor there is only one door which is probably a closet and wouldn't have a window. So it wouldn't really count as a floor so there is just 2 flights of stairs up to the second floor.

Corrected entry: During the clean up of the nursery scene, a group of hats, including Jane's straw hat with the brown velvet ribbon, fly into a closet and hang on hooks. Above them is a shelf with boxes. When the clean up is complete and the children and Mary Poppins are getting ready to go out, Jane retrieves the same hat, now on the shelf instead of the hooks, and the boxes that were on the shelf are gone.

Correction: When Jane cleans up the hats, the hat with the brown ribbon has a round top and the hats are placed in a closet that has a wall on the right side making it seem like there is space between the corner of the wall and the closet, when Jane takes out the hat, its not the same hat as the first, the hat has a flat top with a red burgendy kind of color ribbon and the closet is placed at the corner of the room.

Corrected entry: In the scene after they have finished cleaning the children's room and are leaving to go to the park, half of one of the beds is missing.

Correction: The bed that is visible is the far one (from the camera). The height of the folded bedspreads creates an optical illusion. The bedspread nearer to the camera appears to be on the farther bed, but a close look shows that it is not. The bed closest to the camera is just out of the shot

Corrected entry: Near the end, just before "Let's Go Fly A Kite", when Mr Banks has returned home his detachable collar is detached on his left-hand side in shots from the front but not from the back of him.

Correction: There is no problem with his collar at all.

I just watched this and indeed the collar is popped out on one side.

Corrected entry: When the cook attacks the chimney sweeps, she uses a non-stick frying pan. Non-stick frying pans weren't invented until the 1950s, and the movie takes place in the 1910s.

Correction: Upon closer inspection, the pan is in fact not non-stick. But instead carbon steel, which would be appropriate for the time period.

Cast-iron would be most appropriate for 1910. Carbon steel certainly existed at the time and was used in the manufacture of high-end swords, sawmill blades, cutlery, razors and the like, but would be prohibitively expensive for the manufacture of frying pans for the general consumer.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: At the bank where the elder Mr. Dawes appears from the back room, he makes it as far as the edge of the step in that shot. In the next shot, he's back by the door walking again to the edge of the step.

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George Banks: Kindly do not attempt to cloud the issue with facts.

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Chosen answer: They recorded her singing in two separate parts and fixed them together. The editors did a good job on it! It may have been made a long time ago but even then the technology was quite advanced enough to carry out that scene.

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